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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Ooh. Just watched the first episode of taboo, absolutely brilliant. 1 episode so far, airing on Saturdays in UK . With Tom Hardy who I think is a real talent.


really bummed I can’t watch that since PS Vue had to drop FX and other Viacom channels.


I watched it on my iPad movie.is


I play and i didnt even know about this, will def be checking this out 🖒


You paradiddle-do now, you probably know already but all buddy rich tribute concerts available on YouTube are worth a look too.


You’re a multi-talented bugger :wink:


Lol…i wouldnt call what i do on a drum kit talent…
I hit shit with sticks…is closer the mark lmao


sounds messy


Gets everywhere, its a bastard to get out of your hair…


at my age hair is a memory


Same here even though I played for like 25 years and was in a few bands. Just watching that first drummer on the movie is enough to make me understand I don’t even have rhythm! :slight_smile: The speed and accuracy, not to mention a brain disconnected from one’s limbs…outstanding.


I have a friend like that, he kinda taught me, everytime i hear him play i just want to smash his face in
I played in a band for a while but not much, and i havent played for well over a year
Something id love to get back into though
That and Snowboarding are the 2 things that went by the by when I had spinal surgery


I had fusion myself, L5, S1. It’s never occurred to me that it would interfere with me beating the skins. But like you I’ve given things up. Golf for one. And at the time I got injured I was in the gym 3 days a week and Karate twice a week. Was in such good shape. That’s been 12 years no and I’ve morphed into a disgusting blob. :frowning:


Yep, 2 stone heavier than i was then, 3 months in bed was to blame kicking that one off, it was fusion i had too, I didnt go too well though, suffered a lot of muscle damage during the op, he did explain it to me but cant say i understood it, I was open a lot longer than i should of been is the top and bottom of it, cant even describe the pain I was in when I came round, that was 4 years ago and its prob only last year i really ‘recovered’ …im at about 80% now and can do a fair bit of heavy liftin if I’m careful, had a jam with my mate last year for an hour or 2 and it hurt but i could prob get a decent saddle chair or high back and rearange the kit slightly and start to practice again, i do miss it a lot? I thought mine was L2 L3 but not sure tbh, dont know where S is?


I had the opposite experience. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time but never properly and i doubt it ever sounded well. But we’ve had a lot of fun playing blues and stuff. I had this friend who learned the first steps from me and within a year and a half he reached a level i couldn’t dream of reaching myself. He doesn’t know a single written note but knows all the scales. Whenever i listened to what he was playing i didn’t touch my guitar for a week because it was so depressing to see how quick some people are getting really good.


Well anyone who thinks you or I act like a pansy over back surgery just needs to watch how it’s done. At 7:22 the barbaric, nay, medieval practices are on full display. A hammer and chisel? Come on man!


FML I can’t believe I went straight to 7.22…:scream:


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before and I’m too lazy to check but I’m pretty much addicted to “Alone”. Just watched the latest episode. I wouldn’t make it 3 days.


I might be late to the party with this one, but I stayed up until 2:30 AM watching In-Betweeners. What a hilarious show!


There are 2 movies as well lol