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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Started watching Arrow based on review here and to my surprise its good , but i am shocked that the arrows teacher on the island screwed him obviously im on season 1 but WOW on to next episode to get more info lmao


Just watched the 2nd episode of Taboo. Tom Hardy is freaking amazing this thing is dark, scary & riveting. Fuck the East India company.

You can watch it here…


Just finished the second episode of Colony on Netflix. Pretty interesting. Viewers rate it 5 stars so I’m hoping it picks up some.


It definitely is.


I battled with it, and gave up, mebbe I’ll give it another go, busy with black sails at the moment


Highly recommend the Drum doc. And for those interested in some great musical history should check out Muscle Shoals. The artist that recorded there was incredible. The cinematography is amazing also.


CAW! :bird: Salutations from across the audio/visual Realms to my realm traveling brethren! I like good detective shows, even the dark ones.:milky_way: I feel one of the darkest is Wire In The Blood. It is a “Britective” show that I recommend for some. Yes it is old. Amazon and Netflix charge to see it; it is free on Hulu but has some commercials in it. I don’t know if it can be found elsewhere -like on youtube or other such sites. Definitely not for the squeamish but still one of my favorites. I hope someone else out there tries this and likes it. :peace: :heart: & CAW!


i did as well especially through the first season, but now i cant wait till the next


Atm I am quite liking Sneaky Pete as a good time filler.


[quote=“YardByrd, post:730, topic:34768”]
I don’t know if it can be found elsewhere

Season 3 is out on primewire.ag.


Black sails rules, new season starts 29th Jan 🖒:ok_hand::wink:


CAW! :bird: Salutations from across the audio/visual Realms to my realm traveling brethren! Thank you Josephine_van_Rijn :smile: I am glad you are enjoying it fidalgo_vapes :wink: So, I offer, another dark British political thriller, detective murder mystery, Mini Series for your consideration! :slight_smile: It is the ORIGINAL “Edge of Darkness” BBC miniseries (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090424/); NOT the remake movie with Mel Gibson :-1: . It’s dark, enigmatic, detective story, angle seems similar, atmospherically, to “Wire In The Blood” :peace: :heart: & CAW! :peace: :heart: & CAW!


GRRRRRR - another season of Viking comes to an end next Wednesday!

This has been a really good one. Some unexpected developments too, and one which makes me wonder if the series will continue.

IMDB shows season 5 starting on Feb 1, but that’s the only information I’ve seen. I do hope there is another season because I don’t see how one more episode could wrap up the story.


I hope so watched every episode of Vikings
Hated Ragnar was gone though

New show “Hunted” on CBS was pretty good Wednesday night of course it is reality TV which I usually don’t watch but this one is pretty cool and scary the technology they are able to use to find the contestants. They have hour head start and get $250,000 if not found for 28 dayso
Really wild show law enforcement specialist have so much to track u with and find u really scary and interesting


Aaaaahhhh spoiler,

It’s alright I’m up to date. Beware the sons of ragnar wrath.

http://vikings.wikia.com/wiki/Season_5 It’s on, the Vikings basically conquered the whole of England’s south and spent a fair while there. Spoiler alert They believe Ivar is buried there after years and years of terrorising the little island, but they do not know why he was called boneless. Also the home front was interesting too. Plenty still yet to be toyed with. Bring it on. Harold still has to find a queen too, what a charmer.


Glad I didn’t spoil it he has been gone 2 weeks
It is a great show for so long I just watched football and news here and there
Good to see interesting story lines again


Also a reminder Taboo is currently airing on Saturdays in the UK. Brilliant.

You can watch it here.


Just finished this series. I really enjoyed this one. If you are into crime thrillers…give this a look.

Marcella (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb http://m.imdb.com/title/tt5269594/?ref=m_nv_sr_1


OK, This is not a movie (and according to JK Rowling, never will be) nor is it a TV Show,
I’m sad that many people here may not get the Chance to see this, but …

OMFG I Just Saw Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2 and it was simply the best
theatre I have ever seen. it was Brilliantly cast, the production was out of this world, the story was
Fantastic (Unsurprisingly) the acting was phenomenal, there is NO Part of this play that is not
spectacular. I am sworn to secrecy as to what actually happens in the play, but when it finally |
(soonish I believe) heads to Broadway, anyone East of Nevada has got to go, and anyone in UK
GO, GO NOW to the West End, tickets aren’t as badly priced as they once were,
you CAN see each part for just £15 (up in the Gods)


My colleague just bought tickets for the west end show. For summer 2018, earliest possible date!