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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Just watched the first episode and it grabbed my attention. Dark story-line, well shot and engaging characters. Yup, just the sunshine I need.


I love Vikings.And Game of Thrones. Outlander is also an extremely good historical saga, very authentic to the period.

Also like some newer ones like Marvel Agents of Shield, Grimm, and I just started watching Emerald City. I’m undecided on that one yet, only a few episodes and I always try to give a new series about 6 episodes for all the actors to get into character. So far it’s been really interesting the twists they have made on the original story.


Just watched the first 2 episodes last night. Got a very The Killing feel to it that I really like. Thanks for the recommendation!

Oh, and Anna Friel was also in American Odyssey which is another good series. She’s a decent enough actress.


Awesome glad you’re liking it. And thanks for this recommendation too!


FRONTIER on netflix , has any one tried this one ??? and i just watched the mini series NEW EDITION its pretty good especially if anyone is a fan of the group or the solo acts


Ooh looks like my kinda show - the Deadwood of fur trade


ya im gonnsa check it out 2nite


frontier got mixed reviews but I liked it enough to binge it all in a day or two


Watched The. Masterminds via On Demand …hysterical!




Its only six episodes, and I’m a sucker for almost any period series, so I binged watched it. I mostly liked it and will watch the next season when it comes out. I thought the show was well produced, I liked the scenery, sets, costumes, the acting seemed okay, but the writing was disappointing.


“it feel like it just grazed my biscuits right there”…cracks me up just thinking about it.


i watched it all last night and if they come out with a. new season ill give it a chance , i also am into period movies as well a sucker for anything that involves pre ww2 , your right about the writing though i think they have to real it in a little and not be all over the board


I think you might like

It’s up to episode 4 sirs on Saturdays. Just the right amount of darkness and Tom Hardy is killing it, again


From your preference it sounds like you
Iike horror…Well…
Lucifer really funny one liners great actors.
Scream Queens, got the witch from American Horror Story & black comedy at its best.
The Exorcist, awesome series, based on the film you’ll love it.
Damien based on the Omen films mixes in really well. Do not miss this one.
Ash v’s Evil Dead another comedy horror, this show will make you wet your self laughing, based on the film The Evil Dead, Ashy Slashy ;), blood, gore, comedy & the original Bruce Campbell.
Dusk till Dawn the series, absolutely brilliant
Finally (well not really I could go on forever)
Slasher, great horror thriller, who done it?

Download & enjoy…

All the best


Doesnt hurt that Mazikeen and Chloe are smokin hot - ya good show

Anyone watch Penny Dreadful - it has sort of fallen off my radar I watched a few but lost interest is it me or is it a slow starter?


Oh @woftam

Please don’t let Penny Dreadful fall of your radar. That show is simply awesome, Eva Green!

I didn’t mention that one cause it’s finished, although so worth watching it’s saucy, sexy, gory err did I mention Eva Green :smile:

& Encapsulates most if not all of the main horror characters that we all love & admire & mixes them together so well.

Great show :grin:


Will get back to it soon :grinning:



You will like it, there’s werewolves in there, not telling you who, where or when though.

Let us know :grinning::arrow_up_down:


The pilot for Patriot on Prime was really good. Ep2, and I assume the rest of the season, is Feb 24