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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?




If you like MU Films then Dr Strange is fucking awesome, but wait for the 2 end credit scenes 🖒
Last night watched The Arrival which is also very clever and very good, not a massive Amy Adams fan but she was very good in that 🖒
And also went to a private viewing of Passengers last week with the girl who plays the voice of the ship, shes an old friend of mine, i wasnt expecting to like it as much as i did due to the mixed reviews but i thought it was pretty damned good 🖒


I’m onto the 4th episode of this series The Break on Netflix. Really liking it so far. If you liked the Killing and Marcella, I think this is for you too :+1:


Cool. I’ll put it on my list.

Just starting Santa Clarita Diet. Looks weird and fun.


Cool. I have that on my list too .


@SthrnMixer and @MisterSinner I am 5 or 6 eps into SCD and loving it, taking a break from it though to dig back into more penny dreadful at the moment


Some of the people involved in that heist are out of jail now. A friend of mine in Charlotte went to pick up his daughter from a play date and recognized one of the criminals.

My favorite part of that whole event was them moving from a double wide to a huge house with a wine cellar. They filled the wine cellar with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer :laughing:


I made it through 2 episodes last night and had to turn it off. I’m sure it’s probably like a lot of other series with bad acting - it gets better. But I can’t be too sure. I learned to enjoy Timothy Oliphant for his role as Rayland Givens in Justified. Great show and he had a lot of coolness and swagger. In this show, however, both his and Drew Barrimore’s acting seem like the desperation to hang on…that dying flame. Kind of disappointed.

@MisterSinner so after those two episodes I turned on The Break. I can’t think of a single subtitled movie or show that I’ve ever been able to sit through. Made it about 15 mins :frowning: But for anyone who can handle that, it seems like it would be great. (in English :wink: ).

God I hate post-football television! Come on baseball!!!


Hahaaaaaaa I gotcha. :laughing:


Yeah, me too. Not much of a basketball fan since the Jordan era so baseball is all I look forward to this time of year.

My feelings on SCD are the same as yours. I get the feeling that Oliphant and Barrymore are trying too hard to make me like it.


Film wise just watched Hacksaw Ridge Great movie , and currently just started watching the series Black Sales about how Long John Silver came about. It looks like it has potential after 1st episode.


YOUNG POPE, is anyone watching this ??? im on 3rd episode and unsure of ot so far there have been 8 episodes im wondering if it gets better


i want to see that hacksaw ridge but its only for sale right now ill wait a coupe more weeks and it will be on sale for VUDU i like buying the movies for 9.99 instead of renting for 5.99


Walking Dead is back on tonight… yeeha! Negan is turning the show around all sort of ways!


CAW! :bird: Salutations from across the audio/visual Realms to my realm traveling brethren! I like good detective shows, even the dark ones.:milky_way: I have found a new British Detective story, on Amazon, that I have almost caught up watching all available shows. I recommend this for those who like the British Detective genre. :ok_hand: YES it is a young “Inspector Morse” but it surprised me. You also don’t have to be a fan of “Inspector Morse” to enjoy them. The shows stand on their own and I found production quality, camera work, plot(s) (there are some on-going ones), music, direction, and acting to be on a par of what I like! :+1: It is called “Endeavour”. “Endeavour”

I hope someone else out there tries this and likes it. :peace: :heart: & CAW!


Anyone got any good reccomendations for a series of shows. I am going to be laid up for at least a week from surgery. So good time to catch up on shows.


what do you like ??? Tudors on netflix is good


Frontier on Netflix was decent. Long overdue for a series that focuses on Huron, Iroquois and European settlers. It’s brutal and sad.

And It follows if you feel like you need scare.


Seen that. Firefly was great. SOA, Game of Thrones was awesome. I am looking for SCI FI or western. I am up for anything really


Deadwood or Hell On Wheels if you haven’t seen them.