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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Did you see Westworld?


I’d think you would like Taboo. Brilliant!!


Loved Deadwood. Might reach that. Thanks. Westwood is on my radar.


It is kinda hard to imagine Morse has ever been young, I’ll check it out. :sunglasses:


ugg, season 3 of chefs table just dropped on netflix, this is going to make me fat(ter)…


HACKSAW RIDGE two thumps up oh my goodness great movie , great story , dont rent it buy it , it will be one you will watch again many times


The Santa Clarita diet on netflix great cast and one of the few tv comedy shows that made me laugh. Izombie is quite funny too.


Bates Motel - final season started last night. I’ll miss this one. It’s perfectly creepy and macabre.



Black Sails…fucking awesome :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Vikings…amazing :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Need to give that one a shot as well as Vikings.

Santa Clara Diet on Netflix is not bad. Gross but funny.


:heart: Vikings. Their sing-song manner of speech seemed a bit odd at first. I thought it was just Ragnar, but then several other characters spoke in the same style. I wondered if they were told to speak that way in the show. What’s weird though is that Travis Fimmel (Ragnar) spoke the same way in the movie Warcraft.

Speaking of movies, anybody watched Arrival? I was not impressed and had a strange craving for calamari after watching it.


Does anyone watching Lucifer on Fox?


I watch his sister almost everyday for twenty years
Just kidding I have a great wife now that she has finished training me
I do watch Gotham and record it each week
Ready for a new season was better first year in my opinion
I see Lucifer comes on right after Gotham


Haven’t really found anything new that I’m hooked on so I re-watching Stranger Things and Angie Tribeca. Love both of them.


ya i cant find anything new either was gonna rewatch the tudors or something


See if you can get hold of the Australian version of Rake it is very funny (do not under any circumstances watch the U.S version)


Couple years old now, but The Last Kingdom is good.

Season 1 is on Netflix. Just read that Season 2 might be out next month, finally.


I’ve watched/rewatched that so many times…great freakin’ series!