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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Diving into the rest of this show and loving it. Highly recommend it so far (just starting Ep3 now).


I believe this is on my netflix watch list, might have started it already and forgot about it thanks to my ADHD. :laughing:


Rest in peace Mr. Paxton :cry:


I just saw the pilot episode of “Legion” - That is very promising! It’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you like that sort of thing, this has the potential to be gold! :slight_smile: Trailer here:


Season 2 of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man just started I quite like it


My favorite character whiner. Nobody could whine on-screen like he did. I’ll miss him.


My favorite role of his. Probably a lot of people think the same -


Right up there with his role in Aliens
"Game over, man! Game over!"


Doctor strange , of your a fan of Marvel then this should be right up your alley , personally i am a fan i also love Harry Potter and like movies so 2nite will be Fantastic Beast


Negan is such a horrible person, but he’s the best thing to happen to the show in a loooong time


This is seriously weird. I like it, thanks :grinning:


Last week I binged all 4 seasons of The Killing on netflix.


On Netflix

Ripper Street
Walking Dead


If you like superhero stuff (and super-anti-heroes, supervillains) - you should check out “Watchmen” - based on a DC Comics graphic novel. It’s very good (both the graphic novel and the movie)!


I agree, but I love his character’s personality, like the way he talks and carries himself with an air of confidence…If he wasn’t such a bad guy, he would be so likeable!


The only shows I keep up with anymore is The Walking Dead and Billions.


I was finally able to start and binge Into The Badlands…thanks to @bluenose63 recommendation a while back. Absolutely loved it. Fantastic fight choreography. Cool characters and actors. Season 2 starts March 19th :thumbsup:


Really looking forward to it, hopefully they can continue the story and action on a par with the first season…


That would be great. I hope they don’t deviate.


I just watched a few more episodes - This show is seriously trippy! I like it! And the acting is very good!