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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


It definitely is!


Hand of God season 2 drops on Prime tomorrow, can’t wait.


I should pick that up again - I think I have an episode or two I haven’t seen - It started out amazing for sure.


Very nice show. It’s like a mixture of X men, Matrix and one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.And maybe a little bit of Clockwork Orange.


Damn! That’s an attention getter.


Started watching/binging Iron Fist yesterday. 5 episodes in and it’s pretty good, despite the negative reviews, though I may be biased as I am a comic book nerd and have watched all the other netflix x marvel series.


Monday i started watching Bates Motel and got caught up yesterday. All i can say is


If you saw the original movies this show does a great job filling in some gaps but dayum, it is kinda hard to watch at times.


so which is perceived as being worse? a comic book nerd or an anime otaku?


Then i saw this post at the perfect time, im grabbing season 1 now. This looks fantastic, thanks!


Since I don’t watch Anime I will have to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I added that to netflix queue also. I DVR’d Se1 when it first aired but I never sit in front of the actual TV so I will give it another go on netflix.


uncomfortably cringe-worthy. I love it!


justified was a good series.


The writer of the Psycho movie based his fictional Norman character on Ed Gein. The infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer. Maybe why it’s so creepy. Bates Motel is in it’s last season. Make’s me wonder if they will do a spinoff. Norman’s roommate is in another show, The Outsiders that I watch as well. He was Opie in Sons of Anarchy.
I like scary and when it’s based on true life makes it more frightening to me. Like American Horror Story. It’s good but not for the faint of heart. I loved Jessica Lange in it. Each season is a different story line with the cast playing different roles. All loosely based on real life happenings. Freak Show was my fav season. It has one of the scariest clowns I’ve ever seen. :astonished:


I watch The Outsiders as well. Ryan Hurst has that great look with his roll in it and was great in SOA as well. Hard to believe the way he turned out after his roll in Remeber the Titans.


Yeah wow! He’s a great actor and love his quirky character in Bates Motel.


Gonna give Bates Motel a try.


Fast becoming one of my favorite actors.


Really hard not to like him on the screen.


On Sundays, I like watching Naked and Afraid repeats until Walking Dead comes on. Then new Naked and Afraid at 10.


Gein, the Butcher of Plainfield, was from Wisconsin. Im not sure wtf the problem is but we seem to churn out an above average number of serial killers in this state. Ive been through Plainfield a number of times on the way to Stevens Point, HWY 39 is a bit more scenic than HWY 41, hehe.

Ellis, Dahmer, Gein and another whos last name i cant remember but his first name was David. Lots of crazy comes from this state, good thing we make great cheese…