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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


What a history… yikes…and you do have good cheese. xD


If it was up to the FDA they would equate the making of cheese with serial killers and ban cheese making.


While it is not truly awesome it is a good watch

Into The Badlands season 2 came out today.

I really like Iron Fist as well atm


Just started Season 1, 5 minutes in and HOOKED


It snuck up on me and I missed it. Season 2 of The Last Kingdom started this week.


Currently binging Ripper Street on Netflix.


I liked that series, finished it Monday. The 2nd half of the season was better than the first half that all the reviewers bashed on.


I have a Roku 3 so I binge watch Netflix and Amazon Prime mostly but it has tons of free and obscure channels too. Recent watches… The Roadies, Orange is the New Black, Masters of Sex, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Santa Clarita Diet, Carnivale. Waiting for Preacher to come back for second season on AMC.


I’m onto the last episode…absolutely love it. Thanks for the recommendation. :+1:


I have one episode as well, got side-tracked by iron fist. Then it’s back to Hand of God. Also started on Hap and Leonard Se1 on Netflix which I am enjoying so far.


Just watched the first episode of Iron Fist. Unlike Into the Badlands, where I am almost forcing myself to watch hoping it will get interesting instead of feeling I’m watching one of those over the top kung fu movies, I am intrigued by Iron Fist.

In other show comparisons, if you like Orange is the New Black, give Wentworth a try. Netflix has the first four seasons of Wentworth available, and season 5 starts in a couple weeks. It took this Yank a bit to get used to the Aussie accent :slight_smile:. Both good shows, but if I had to choose between the two, I prefer Wentworth.


SILENCE was a good movie i just watched


i watched all of the iron fist episodes its interesting enough to continue watching , but i want to slap the shit out of Danny in almost every episode lol


Iron Fist is definitely watchable for sure.
Other shows is Marco Polo, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage


don’t forget daredevil so you are ready for the defenders later this year. DD is the best of the netflix x marvel universe imo with 2nd place going to JJ due in part to all the whiskey she drank.


IDK, I’m between DD and JJ for best Netflix/Marvel production. I’m a big fan of good villains and JJ had the better villain. Don’t get me wrong, Fisk (Kingpin) is a fantastic villain, but Kilgrave was a better dynamic, complicated, and compelling villain and Tennant played him so well.


ya but marco polo is over isnt it ??? netflix has a lot of series i thought could carry on past what they did


I look at shows at different places. Don’t have netflix.
Just binged through season 1 and 2


have you watched the tudors ??? thats a good one


No i have not. I got a long list of things i have to watch, i will add it to that list :thumbsup: