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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Berserk: The Golden Age
Not for kids. Super violent/gore. On Netflix


Nocturnal Animals - If you haven’t seen this movie, see it. It’s good.


Good morning, children ;). Apparently, you are my new obsession… Lucky you (ha!) Here I am with my first cup crawling through posts… Also apparently, I see you’ve been unsupervised {suggestive smile}. What fun! :wink:

On subject though, I’ve started watching a couple of new Amazon Prime series, Oasis and The Tunnel. Both are really good. I especially like The Tunnel.


Dr. Strange is interesting


That looks interesting, I will have to check that out. Moar Marvel :grinning:


I enjoyed it. A bit different from the usual Marvel flicks.


Anybody watching Slasher on NF? Gory as all get out. Nothing great, but entertaining if you like that sort of thing (which I do).


New season of Trailer Park Boys! Darn Walker Zombley :slight_smile: I feel like I shouldn’t like this show, but I do. Highway through Hell just added new season on Netflix as well. Just watched the newest Resident Evil with my little one… was not impressed.


I cant even remember where I left off on TPB. Trying to finish off the Santa Clarita Diet


if i have nothing to watch i always find myself watching Band of Brothers or the pacific both HBO mini series


About to give Wynnona Earp a shot


Band of Brothers…I’ve seen it soo many times and never tire of it. The Pacific was good but not BoB good.


I just got a surprise. I was going through my DVR list and found the last 3 episodes of Westworld. I thought I had completed the season.


I have been thinking about adding hbo and show to my prime account. I want to see WestWorld and I wouldn’t mind catching up on GoT, Shameless, and other shows I used to torrent plus I want to check out Billions.


Billions is just an outstanding show. im staying up late tonight to watch the next episode.

GoT is supposed to start up the middle of this month.


July 16th. I believe it was originally scheduled for mid-April but the bastards changed it.


Are you freaking kidding me? Oh well, it should be worth the wait.


If I have to wait any longer, I taking my sword off the wall and start hackin’!


Yes, I have heard it was really good. Time to finally switch my prime account to annual instead of monthly then tack on HBO and SHO I guess… hmmm, maybe I should be a nice guy and add HBO/SHO to my PS Vue sub instead so the rest of the house can watch it on the Roku but there is no way to watch Vue from my PC and I never watch the TV in the living room. I haven’t told them I have Prime because Prime doesn’t have an easy to use multiple viewer/user system and I don’t really want them adding shows to my watch lost or being able to order things that get charged to my card.