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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?




guess I was wrong, looks like it is possible now. time to add hbo/sho I guess.


I just saw Girl on a Train. I thought it was great, jaw-dropping actually. BUT… my roommate who read the book was disappointed. So if you’ve read the book, fair warning. But I totally recommend it!


SS Indianapolis Men of Courage starring Nicholas Cage on Netflix. Sad movie but good. I can’t imagine the fear those men felt in the water with all those sharks. Gave me a renewed appreciation for those that serve or have served in our military. :heart:



Thanks Vapey, the story sounds interesting so I will just download the audiobook instead of watching the movie :grin:


No prob! :wink: My roommate would agree with your decision.


I think I like your roommate :sunglasses:


You know what Vapey, I did see this movie a little while back. I just realized it when I started listening to the audiobook. I’ve read about 20% of the story so far and your roommate is correct, you should read the book :sunglasses:


Now that I’ve seen the movie I might just do that!


You’d love it :heart_eyes:


i just watched that i loved it


Just watched Kong Skull Island. Parts of it were very camp, often to a corny extent. But overall it was fun enough to make it worth it if you’re into that type of thing. The post credit scene is obviously setting up follow up movies with Godzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah… Hell yeah.

Also, the new season of Better Call Saul premieres Monday night.


ugg, was trying to get caught up on last season and got distracted now ps vue isn’t showing the previous season for on demand since the new season is coming. akjldhfjkads

edit, lol forgot I have been catching up with it on netflix, crisis averted.


Pompidou on Netflix. It is unexplainable. Just, unexplainable.


I like the tv best when it’s off. My wife watches Wicked Tuna. “Look! We gots one on the line! Yell Yell Scream Scream!” Reminds me of Jeff Dunham’s Bubba J watching Nascar. “Look their makin a left turn!”


Holy crap Prison Break season 5 has just started, just watched the 20 min intro and episode 1, awesome :+1:


oh shiiite, I am still back on middle of se1. never got into it originally but I like it. just so much other stuff to watch right now after realizing I can watch ps vue in my browser and adding hbo/sho. trying to catch on TWD and GoT mostly but getting distracted by lots of other stuff like Billions. Better Call Saul, new episodes of Rick and Morty, Archer, etc…


Lol hi @Fozzy71 no need to worry season 5 has just come out, I only noticed it yesterday myself :wink:

You crack on and watch what your watching, you can then catch up with Prison Break there are only 9 episodes in season 5.

Great show to binge watch though, can’t believe it’s been 7 years since the original show.

Have a good one :grinning:



Just watched the first episode of this series. Damn…disturbing.


good show, i need to get back on that. almost done with se2 ep6