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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Jumped on the Black Sails bandwagon. It’s like Game of Thrones with pirates. Also The Originals, which is like PG version of True Blood + GoT (b/c everybody dies, but some come back). Keeping up with all the Marvel and DC shows, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Scorpion. I’m very sad that Grimm is over forever.


Just saw that A Billion Lives is available to stream now. I’ve been waiting for this to show up and I’ll be giving it a look today.


That’s one of the next shows I plan on watching.


Where is it available? I would like to see it.


i rented it on amazon prime video for 4.99. good movie imo. didn’t learn anything new obv but I think it would convince an anti-vaper that some shady shit is going on.


Check your PM brother


If you’re like me and love your MU films then you simply have to see Logan…sooo good, haven’t enjoyed a film like that for a while :ok_hand:


I jumped on the Black Sails train at the end of season 1. It’s definitely a top 10 series for me. The series finale was two weeks ago, sad to see no more new episodes. A great finale that, without giving anything away, sets it up for a possible spinoff.


Looking forward to final season of The Leftovers starting tonight.


Also very pumped for this. After the season ia over I’m going to read the book. Already sad that this is the final season.


oh crap, totally forgot about that show. I think I finished se1 when I used to torrent. Guess I will start of on se2 ep1 and see if I remember anything or if I need to jump back to se1 somehwere.


Other shows I watch besides Black Sails, Better Call Saul, and GoT that I mentioned already:

  • Taboo - Interesting writing. Tom Hardy is brilliant in this. Short 8 episode season, which to some degree I like if done right. Taboo gets it right imo.
  • Vikings - The first couple seasons are fantastic, but the last season or two have dropped off for me. Still like it, still worth watching, just not what it once was imo.
  • Westworld and Stranger Things - Probably my two favorite series currently running since GoT dropped off after GoT ran out of source material.
  • Orange is the New Black coming back in June.
  • Everything Marvel does on Netflix. Especially Jessica Jones, DareDevil, and Luke Cage. Iron Fist was good, but sorta silly at times and definitely nowhere near as good as its counterparts. Excited to see The Punisher too.
  • Travelers on Netflix is a really cool and unique Sci-Fi show. 92% on Rotten Tomatoes is extremely good for a Sci-Fi show. Usually time traveling series are really corny, and in parts so is this, but this one breaks the mould while keeping it interesting.
  • Peaky Blinders. Great writing and Cillian Murphy is such a great actor in it. Tom Hardy also plays a great role in it.
  • Man in the High Castle. Just started the most recent season. Took me awhile to finally start it back up after a fantastic first season, but I finally got around to it.


Doctor who is back. Yesssss! (Whas that the master in the trailer somewhere, wait to see if that comes true. With Stephen Moffat and Capaldis last season it’s got to end with a bang I assume.)

And the new companion is fun. Her first impressions of the Tardis are priceless.


Oh its true, baby! Speculation is a Master/Missy team up. :open_mouth: No idea how that would work. Did you catch the regen shot? I’m sad. I don’t want Peter to go. I liked him. I really didn’t wanna like Bill. But I kinda do…sassy. And no threat of the whole “falling in love” with the doctor means hopefully a companion who is more like Donna.


Just Finished Series 1 of Outsiders (Series 2 Finale next week)

Bunch of hillbillies up a mountain, that big business want to evict to get the coal in it.

Bit like Justified (another good series in it own right) meets Mad Max.

p.s. Anyone who watched Sons Of Anarchy will probably recognise Opie in the promotion picture.


Great show. But they are canceling it after this season, which sucks.


Hate it when they do that.

Is anyone watching “The Last Kingdom” really enjoying it so far (the flip side of the coin (ish) to “Vikings” which is another awesome show


There is hope that Sony can sell a 3rd series to someone else, as WGN are up for sale themselves, hence the reason they won’t be airing it anymore.But will have to wait and see.


Loved The Last Kingdom. New Season is coming May 5th I believe. :+1:


Season 2 Last Kingdom started in March, or at least in the US it started in March. Five episodes in so far, episode 6 tonight.