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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Oh OK…Netflix said May. Weird. Thanks.


Just looked at Netflix and season 2 starting on May 5th. Makes sense if only 8 episodes again, the last episode would be aired May 4th on BBC.


Perfect. Thanks again


Started watching The Son…so far so good. I liked Hell on Wheels a lot so hoping AMC does good with this one too.




Split was a good movie so was Lion


I just finished watching season 1 and 2 of Hand of God. I liked it a lot. Too bad it got cancelled.
I’m going to take a break from “serious” shows for a while before moving on to The Man in the High Castle. I read the book multiple times, so I have mixed expectations for the series,


And anyone who didn’t watch SOA needs to get on with it! One of the best series ever.

Just started watching the new season of Fargo. I love that show - always a good combination of corny and macabre.


Just finished the new (3rd) season of Bosch. Loved every minute of it. If you haven’t watched the series, you’re missing out.


That is some serious binge skills you have there sir it only dropped less than 24hrs ago (well here anyhow) but yes you are right it is an awesome show - I will commence it in a couple of hrs.


And where would I find it?


Amazon or your normal other more shady places :grinning:


Stuck in bed with a bad cold :mask: I was able to go through it Lol


I tried. I was so bored.


Hehe! :slight_smile:

Blasphemy!!! Well I suppose it’s a matter of taste huh? So many people rave about this or that. Like any of the sitcoms. I can’t stand 5 minutes of those things. Last sitcom I really enjoyed I think was Home Improvement. Before that was Cheers. To find one before that you’d have to rewind the clock to the time when color tv was first getting popular.


TMITHC is a great show IMO, nevre read the book tho.

wee, guess I know what I will be watching next


I watched the first episode of Bosch last night. So far, so good. :relieved:


OUTLANDERS very good show ty @Rob62 for the recommendation loving it , also if anyone is watching the White Princess dont forget tonwatch the white queen it is about the years before the white princess " the war of the roses " and ends where white princess starts


Binge watched Season 1. I can’t stop and I never watch cop shows.


I hear ya on the binge watching, I’m on season 3 now. Just started the series end of last week.