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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


@JoJo , you are speaking my language !!!

I’ve actually been having VERY good luck with the Amazon Originals. The Man in the High Castle was EXCELLENT … https://www.amazon.com/Man-High-Castle-Season/dp/B00RSGFRY8
Then we moved onto Sneaky Pete which also was very good … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01347V50Y/ref=pd_cbs_318_3/146-3719411-2748028

And am now into Fortitude, which is MORE than excellent … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1VFB36/ref=pd_cbs_318_4

Many/most of those ^^^^ are free with Prime.


Just watched Hidden Figures. Excellent film - worth a look for sure.


lol i just watched it last night , it is a very good movie


Watch the white queen before white princess?


Just got back from the cinema and Guardians of the galaxy vol 2…LOVED it lol…


I re-watched the White Queen as a refresher on that story before watching the first two episodes of White Princess, and I got confused and had trouble connecting who the characters were in relation to the White Queen. I think having different actors, and their interpretation of the characters, is what threw me off. I had the same trouble with Atlas Shrugged using different actors for the lead roles in each movie. Watching the White Queen first would help make sense of some the things they say in the White Princess, but I don’t think it is necessary to see it first if you know the background story leading to the White Princess. Whether you watch it first or not, definitely watch the White Queen at some point. I’ve viewed it several times and enjoyed it each time.


Went ahead and started white queen this afternoon. 4 episodes in. It’s pretty good.


We binged all of Gallatica over a week or two…
It was all really good, but it was A LOT of episodes. It was a really good one for both me and my wife, something for everyone.


For me it’s the OA on Netflix, there’s supposed to be a new season coming out at some point…


I enjoyed the OA. Decent story line.


Visually interesting, soundtrack is borderline annoying, and not sure if there is a story to it. Managed to get through the first two episodes. I’m gonna give it one more episode before I decide on a thumbs up or down. Anybody else watching it, any thoughts?


Good on both of you. Glad you enjoyed it all. I wish they would come up with another scifi-drama with the production values that Galactica had. As sacrilegious as it sounds, I enjoyed it far more than any of the Star Trek TV series.


Watched both episodes, but so far…meh. I’ll give it a few more before I decide to watch or drop.


I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I love me some dystopian fiction. It’s really good.


If anyone’s planning to watch Alien Covenant …and is expecting a Prometheus 2…you’re going to be very disappointed, what a pile of shit :rage:


Damnit! I was looking forward to that.


Bugger so was I.


Scott has completely buckled to the negative press that Prometheus got, I was so intrigued by the engineers story and the whole sending Jesus back etc…nothing…the only time you see the engineers is in a 15 second flashback daydream…no Shaw…no searching for answers…the whole thing is basically about David being a bit weird…such a let down.


Ahhhh crap, loved Prometheus, put up with the Alien Trilogy, and now …


I’m 3 and 0 with Amazon Prime Original Series. This makes 4.