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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


A great one. I’m almost done with season 2 and looking forward to watching 3.


Please can you start doing film reviews as well as vape gear :+1::laughing::grin:


Just got a notification from Netflix that Shelock Season 4 is now live. Yep, that is on the must-do list.


Loving “young pope” , I never really liked Jude Law. I think that’s helping the story along for me. Great writing, interesting spin on the machinations in the Holy See. No need to be catholic to enjoy. I’m not.


I thought it was quite good, mind you it was a cam version, the picture was really dark, the guy who was filming it farted half way through so that was amusing. So I suppose it was just like listening to an audiobook, as I had to make up what was happening using my imagination, spoiler alert there’s gonna be another one lol :joy:


Agreed this is an awesome show, I read the book by Atwood which I thought was rubbish, even though it’s supposed to be a really good horror according to good reads, horror??? Anyway the show is much better than the book and well worth a watch.


I am very much enjoying American Gods right now :ok_hand:


I enjoyed reading the book.
Every time I see this topic I read it as; Movies and Shows - What do you remember :laughing:


Hehe comic relief.


i was gonna give thqt one a try


just watched the movie GET OUT im not a huge fan of horror / thriller whatever it is , but this was good has anyone watched the new king arthur movie with the guy who played jax teller ???


A new season of house of cards is out.


What farting half way through a movie :joy:


the sherlock holmes show lol ive already tried the other lol


Lol ah ok, I’ll check that one out :+1:


It’s a an acid trip - I like it! (Legion as another acid trip :smiley:)


I’d watch it just for that LOL


Frank on Netflix. :heart: the Ending :heart:


Finally took a little time away from my work today and enjoyed a couple flix.

Why Him? Very entertaining. James Franco’s best role IMO

The Great Wall - Weird but decent action adventure film, although a bit predictable. It’s a one-timer for sure, but I enjoyed it.

Oh and watched Fist Fight the other day. Hilarious! But that little dude’s voice…damn annoying.


I thought ‘Why Him’ was excellent, very entertaining and I totally agree with ‘The great wall’ …wasn’t what I was expecting at all, I thought it ‘looked’ amazing, great idea.
An unexpected gem for me was ‘Life’…thoroughly enjoyed that, great bit of sci-fi :ok_hand: