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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Recently finished season 2 of Fortitide, one of my all time favourites, the writing, acting and location are phenomenal :ok_hand:


Black Mirror! talk about messed up! every episode is different, mind bending.


Is it on Netflix?


Yes! It’s twisted, they are not a series as much as short films like an hour each I think there are three seasons.


They are calling Black Mirror a modern Twilight Zone! The one with the :pig:!!! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


That’s the episode that got me hooked!


Sweet its going on my watch list!


You won’t be disappointed!


Me too!!! It was so messed up!!

Has anyone watched Winona Earp? It’s from the Sci Fi channel. Season 1 is on Netflix. It has low production value in ways, but otherwise, it is really good!

I am definitely going to watch Ozark next now that I have heard good things!


it wasn’t bad, I haven’t seen anything on ozark, wayward pines that’s a good one!


Wayward Pines better have another season coming!! I really liked that one!!


I know right! The end of the last season, I was like NO I need more!


Exactly! I was so disappointed that there were no more episodes left. I felt a little lost for the a bit!

I felt the same way after finishing the current season of iZombie. I did not expect to like that as much as I do. I just figured “another zombie show” but it isn’t!


i haven’t seen that one, i will have to check it out.


I very much enjoyed Season 1 of Ozark but ill watch dern near anything with Jason Bateman.

Good and intricate story with many twists and turns.

Now im off to grab Season 1 of Wayward Pines… :slight_smile:


Wayward Pines is incredible! You’ll love it!
I watch pretty much everything too!!


We watched the first Black Mirror episode last night. Now I understand:

OMG… I will be watching more!!


yes the prime minister, got the short end, or did he!?


Lmfao! So fucked up. I love it.


i’m glad you do! some are just strange, others are like wow that could happen, and some are like the first one!