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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


No Sneaky Pete in Europe so I started watching The Mist, based on a short story by Stephen King.
The story scared the hell out of me when I read it.
Just watched the first episode and I’m hooked.
There are a lot more characters than in the book and it is looking promising so far.


Where’d ya find this???


European Netflix, it looks like you lot got Sneaky Pete and we got The Mist :grin:


I guess I’ll check out Sneaky Pete, then!


Time to be scared. Season premiere of AHS tonight on FX. :scream_cat:


Going to recommend our FIFTH Amazon Original Series… Red Oaks !!!


Just watched it… quite confusing… Donald Trump and scary clowns. Excellent atmosphere though.


I wish they would leave politics out of it. I don’t find it entertaining. But yeah it left you wondering what’s real or delusion. I’m glad they brought back Twisty. And that nanny’s definitely got an agenda. Very creepy for sure. :clown_face:


Have to check that one out. I’m a Paul Resier fan. People used to tell me I was just as neurotic.


Yeah, stupid AF, but mostly kinda hilarious. I think it’s made to be watched after a puff puff pass :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


I’m sure you’re right. I’ll have to wait until they start selling it retail and re-watch :grin:


I recommend you read a book instead. Buy it used, get the popcorn, soda hell even order a pizza. Have a glass of wine if you like. Now you’ve spent half of what it costs to go the movies and you still have half a book to read with leftovers to do it again in a day or so.

And the best part is that you can vape openly while you read and enjoy the comfort of your own home


May i just add to that: Don’t read a book when you’ve seen the film already. That gives you all the images from the film and you can’t imagine the scenery and the people yourself. This is what i most enjoy when i read a book. And if you watch the film afterwards you can complain about how terrible the choice of actors was.


Depends on the talent of the author IMHO


OZARK!! Money laundering 101


We watched both as well. I really liked What happened to Monday!


Loved Ozark!


The Mist is available on Demand with Comcast!! About to watch now!


I’ve watched the first 3 or 4 episodes. Is it not one of those where nothing really happens? Always the same method of creating tension and no progress in the story. I’ll wait for the season to finish so i can binge watch it, there is some potential so maybe I’m wrong and it turns out great.


i agree and thats funny because i do that everytime i read a book then watch the movie , especially the Harry Potter books lol