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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I have the whole season available now, I believe.


Oh my gosh, the Harry Potter books are so special that you wish you never read or saw the movies so you can read them all again for the first time! I saw the first movie before I started reading them because I didn’t think I would like it! Lol! :joy:

I also agree with always reading the book first! I read almost every Stephen King book in 6th - 8th grade. The Shining is and will always be my favorite. IT takes a close second! In the movie, I loved Tim Curry as Pennywise and I don’t know if this new version can stand up to the classic. But I have heard it is excellent in a totally different way!


I’ve read all but three and I’m starting those now LOL. My favorite is The Stand. I re-read it every couple of years. 11/22/63 was also excellent. I stopped watching the mini-series after the fourth episode. I should get back to that.


Oh man I’m so hooked all of a sudden… watched an episode of Forged in Fire and then binged 2 series. I wish someone could make a forged Damascus mod now.


Someone does @norseman sent me a pic of a Damascus mech mod which looks pretty sweet.(not sure if it is true Damascus or not


It took forever to get through every post in this thread… But IIRC, I can’t believe no one mentioned Eureka! I loved that show, and hated that it got canceled. So many great ideas for crazy twists, and such an excellent cast! (Was even more upset when Netflix removed the first couple seasons, as I love to go back and rewatch things from time to time.) :rage:

It’s up there with Firefly in originality in my opinion!


YES!! I loved that show!!


That mod is made by GLAS a mech mod maker in the US. I have looked on their website but it isn’t anywhere to be found. Maybe it is a new mod they are coming out with…


Ozarks was amazing. One of my favorites to date and Bateman straight murdered that roll.

Narcos season 3 is out. I highly recommend the first 2 seasons of it as they chase Escobar.


Yep yep! And it’s sister show Warehouse 13. :smiley:


Yep! watched all of that one too. While I enjoyed it, it just seemed a bit “weaker” than Eureka. Good reminder though, and great heads up to those who might not have been aware of it!! :thumbsup:
Still definitely worth a watch!


I’ve been watching The 4400 on Netflix. Didn’t see it when it originally aired on CBS. I have a sinking feeling, from reading the reviews, that after watching all 4 seasons, it will end abruptly :frowning:


Just googled for ready made damascus sheet metal. When i get back to the mod building I’ll give it a go. Should not be so hard to include them into these standard aluminium cases or epoxy them onto a wooden or a stabilized wood box. Perhaps @Whiterose0818 has already got something on a shelf somewhere…


i dont, but you certainly have my attention!!


Going off topic, we should move this elsewhere… but i just googled again for damascus sheet metal. Doesn’t seem to be cheap but not as bad as i thought. I guess the tricky bit will be the cutting/drilling/polishing part. I guess inlays into other mod enclosures should be possible. Found a website where they have 2mm sheets but that’s only the first link i found. Thinner would be nice…


A new season of black mirror starts in about 2 weeks!


COOL! I like me some creepy.


I’ve been waaaaaaaaiting…


I’m about as hooked on “Fear the Walking Dead” and I am on “The Walking Dead”


@mstokens I have to admit, at first, I didn’t really get into FTWD, but as time wore on, I did start to watch it regularly. Saw the behind the scenes of TWD Season 8 on TTD and wow, can’t wait.