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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I remember the title but not the show. Gonna have to Kodi-fy it.


It’s still a good watch


If you were a True Blood fan, which I miss so much, there is a show Midnight, Texas that started about 6 weeks ago. Both shows are based on books written by Charlaine Harris. I won’t say it’s anywhere near True Blood, but it’s good. Easier to understand if you’ve read any of her books.

I really liked Girlboss on Netflix, guys, sorry, this one is more for the Ladies.

And, who wants to talk about the Season Finale of Game of Thrones?? First, what’s with the short season? Second, that was incredible to watch at the end. I had to rewatch a few times, but so, so bad! And the info on John Snow! Holy Moly!! I often thought that was his mom, and Ned Stark being him, stepped in. But not the scenario that I ever would have guessed! I can’t believe we have to wait a whole year for more!! I don’t wanna!!!


I am so incredibly mad about the short season!!! :rage::rage::rage:


I’m still waiting for book 6 to come out and he was talking about a possible book 7.
He doesn’t write very fast so that’ll be a long wait. :unamused:
I want to read all the books first before watching the series.


We own the first five, but I haven’t read them yet. From what I understand, the show doesn’t 100% completely follow the books. We didn’t even watch it until we binge watched the first 6 seasons last summer. Perhaps it’s time to start reading!



Apparently it’s a trend! Soon all of Westeros will be doing it!! :joy:


I have read all of the books, and the show had been very true to them. I understand a lot more from having read ahead. I will warn you that they aren’t always the page turners you would expect. The story is amazing, genius! But the writing style can be dry. Will I read book 6? Of course! Lol! Will I be excited, but probably get frustrated and throw the book across the room a few few times? Of Course! Lol! (Mental note, buy paperback edition, not kindle or hardcover! :joy:).


I do to!! (Stomping my feet and pouting :tired_face:)


I’ve read all 5 years ago, the first one paperback and the rest audiobooks and I really enjoyed them.
I haven’t seen any of the series yet because I want to finish all the books first.
I did the same with Dexter, read all the books before watching the series and I’m glad I did. Apart from season one it was totally different from the books and I would have gotten confused :sweat_smile:


I didn’t even know Dexter was based on books!! I already watched them, but it has been so long that I don’t remember much. So reading now might be good, the rewatching.

I am glad you know what they are like. I enjoyed them too, or I would not have kept reading. Just at times, I thought “ok, enough, get to the point here”. I would say having read the first 5 books, you could technically watch the first 3 or 4 seasons without ruining anything for yourself. If you wanted to, of course. I know it’s a long wait!


I would have to reread the first 5 books anyway before reading book 6 cause I’ve forgotten most of it :laughing:
The Dexter books are really good, I can recommend them.

I’m binge watching American Horror Show now, currently at season 3 but I must say that I find it more funny than horror :wink:


I will check out the Dexter books when I am in my next reading mood. I go through phases of reading, coloring, sewing, crafting. Coloring mostly right now.

I can understand needing to reread the first 5 before the 6th! That’s quite an undertaking!!

I love American Horror Story. I am such a baby though, lol! It’s not the horror that scares me, but things that pop out suddenly make me jump. I still enjoy the stories though! Some seasons are much better than others!!


That’s why I switched to audiobooks. I’m an insomniac and have an iPod next to my bed and it reads to me to get through the hours I don’t sleep.
I can tell you I go through a lot of books very fast :laughing:
They are also very nice when I go through a knitting phase, you can do both at the same time :wink:

I loved asylum.


I never thought of that! I am often up at all hours of the night as well. I could listen while doing any of the other things I do to pass those lonely hours by!

I loved Asylum too!


I miss Dexter. Such a great show to take notes on (joking!). I actually read the books after the show and it didn’t ruin either for me.


American Vandal, new show on Netflix. It’s hilarious! I don’t know if it’s meant to be, but it is!


Halfway through at the moment, I really like it and it has its funny moments, but more of a satire than a flat out comedy for me. Reminds me a bit of Making a Murderer in its style, but in a ‘mockumentary’ format.

Still got to wait 6 weeks before I can binge watch Series 4 of Halt & Catch Fire :disappointed:

Also just binge watched 2 series of Preacher, it is one weird, batshit crazy, mad show. Absolutely loved it.

Going to give El Chapo ago next as I enjoyed Narcos so much. As series 2 is starting Monday


Great, we just got hooked on ANOTHER one. Took about an episode or two, before it became too late.