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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Oh yeah, Preacher is such a crazy show! We have a bunch of episodes to watch from season 2 yet, but we keep finding other things to watch. I love Cassidy. He is so freaking funny! The whole show is just such a big, weird, insane, funny, serious, question of WTF am I watching? In a good way! :joy:


There are so many shows on Amazon I want to watch. But don’t have any really comfortable way to watch them. We could get a kit for the TV that allows you to watch Internet content. But, I feel like we are going to need a new TV soon, so it’s not worth it. Plus, Comcast keeps adding more and more internet features through our cable box, I feel that eventually we will basically be able to use that to watch any online content. At least I will have a lot to watch!!


If you like the actor that plays Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) You will have to have a watch him as Woody in This Is England a really good film that spawned a few good TV series as well. This Is England 86 + 88 + 90

It is about life in working class Britain in the 80’s under Thatchers Britain and how some of the youth of the time, lived there lives. The series follows them as they grow up over a decade

The film and TV series has a fine cast of British actors as well, Vicky Mclure and Stephen Graham amongst them


Thanks for the tip! That sounds like something I would really enjoy!!


Is it just me, or was season 2 so much better than season 1? It was totally out there! Loved it :slight_smile:



The Kettering Incident

I started this one today. Through 4-1/2 episodes before the game started. I really like this, but it’s got that nagging mystique of Lost where you keep waiting for something to happen that never does. Hoping for all to be revealed but preparing myself for that to not happen.


@SthrnMixer I can’t say for sure, but the cinematography, backdrop, acting, and plot are quite interesting.



First off I am a binge watcher, so will wait for the series to finish before watching. But I am reading so many positive reviews of the adaptation of Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams, that started last night. Really looking forward to it, some great writers and actors involved with this.

Each story is meant to be individual, but with recurring themes. So can be watched independently. I am just in a habit of binge watching so will wait.


So far of what I have watched is much better than season 1!


What’s not to love about Herr Starr and his rise to the top of the Grail Industries…:grinning: Don’t want to say to much, because of spoilers. But there is so much story to tell from the characters not just in Jesse’s group from that ending but also the people who broke out of hell.

Bring series 3 on asap


forever time knowledge ep. 8, flight of the navigator :smiley: watching those tonight…on my to do list. that and home made pizza.


A couple I enjoyed on Netflix were FAUDA and Occupert. Waiting (anxiously) for season 2 on both.


For Netflix, Stranger Things (can’t wait for season 2), all the Marvel shows and Bojack Horseman. As for TV, I’ve been enjoying Impractical Jokers. Haven’t been watching much TV lately. Now for movies there are too many to list, but for me the movie of the year is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I love baby Groot.


Watched the pilot episode of Star Trek Discovery.

Not sure what to think about it. Seems overdone in many parts and others seems like it was produced by the folks who made Power Rangers. And what’s with this shit of only being able to watch the rest of the series online? Maybe competing with Netflix? Hmmm. No problem, I can do that. Just better be more compelling or I won’t make it through the series.

As for The Kettering Incident - just as I suspected. A lot of lead-in to nothing. If the writers of this one thinks they gripped me so tightly that I will fall over myself getting to the next series, they’re sadly mistaken. I now see that as a waste of 8 hours of my life. :frowning:


Just watched the Discovery pilot… not sure yet but i agree, it seems a bit power ranger ish but i like the cgi so far. Going to watch it anyway as an old trekkie. And the re-designed Klingons…

Also watched the first episode of Preacher and i think I might be hooked already.

The last 2 episodes of Rick and Morty were excellent, actually the whole new season is great and pickle Rick was my favorite episode.

Wow. OK. For some reason i kinda enjoyed it but man, that is one bad TV show.


It’s bad, but it makes you want to keep watching! We got through it in 3 nights I think.


It’s taken me a week but you’re right, it’s got something that won’t let you stop watching.


The Good Doctor on ABC - premiered last night. Seems like it will be a great series.