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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?



If you like DC or Marvel this movie was pretty good and the actress is a goddess


In light of Hugh Hefner’s passing, reminded me of a docu-series I watched earlier this year on Amazon. Really good on the history of the making of an empire.


Woo hoo Z Nation just started again!


Gerald’s Game on Netflix looks pretty wicked… Based on a novel by Stephen King


The Deuce on HBO its a pretty good show so far , new season of Versailles on tonight , and Outlander of course I DO NOT RECOMMEND HICKOK i thought it was horrible


I kinda like Ray Donovan atm.


Me too, but it was kinda boring for a while. But recently the shit cooked up really bad…


Just binged this new Amazon series. Brutal and brilliant.

Tin Star (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb http://m.imdb.com/title/tt4607112/?ref=m_nv_sr_1


Ray Donovan is really getting so much better with every episode at the moment. It starts to feel like a TC Boyle story where things are fucked up to start with, getting worse and worse and in the end everybody dies.


OHH! used to watch z nation but lost touch, am one of the few peps in this world that watch a program when it actually airs, ill have to see but hopefully still friday nights


I’ve been watching 2 episodes of Sens8. So either I’m not getting it or it is just crap. Since the one Wachowsky brother became a sister they’ve kinda lost it.


Aren’t they both sisters now?


I’m always a bit behind the times…I just started watching The Blacklist. James Spader’s character is just absolutely phenomenal!


I read Gerald’s Game at 10 years old. It scarred me for life.


I can imagine… it was pretty disturbing for a grown up


My dad neglected to read the back cover, he knew I had read so many other SK books, and I think I was halfway through The Stand when he bought it. He sure as well wouldn’t have bought it if he had known what it was.


I’m a HUGE Walking Dead junkie! They almost lost me at the season 6 finale but I gritted through the first few episodes of season 7 and am impatiently waiting for season 8 at the moment!:rage: A movie worth watching is American Ultra (Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg) friggan excellent!


Has Kristen Stewart mastered more than one facial expression yet?


She has a name in our house, brick face! Because she have the expressions of a brick!


Hahaha that’s asking a little much! She’s sporting her brickfaced expression the whole time but being that she’s the co-star or supporting role to Jesse Eisenberg it’s tolerable. The movie is really good IMO, worth a watch for sure.