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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Ouch lol miscalculation for sure!


Watched the first episode and wasn’t so thrilled to be to be honest. So you think it’s worth another go?


I’d say watch the first 4. If that doesn’t sell you then its probably not for you.


I’ve watched it because Walton Goggins is in it. His role was a bit of a disappointment but it’s a good film.


I definitely enjoyed it.


@ADKmac TWD !!!


I enjoyed the movies, and actually didn’t realize there was a TV series !!!

You really can’t appreciate it via the trailer, and YES, it IS rather DARK and DISTURBING, but the cinematography, acting, actors and writing are first rate. NOT for kids…


Hel yeah man, so damn good!


I don’t know, are they? Not that i’d be surprised but i thought it was just one of them.


Yup. They are now Lana and Lilly Wachowski. :slight_smile:


It would seem they took the “polka-dot” pill…


Yeah Elliot and Tyrell are back!


Just finished this gem! If you find serial killers or true crime drama interesting, give it a look-see. :+1:t2:


Yeah she mastered an O face in this movie.:open_mouth:
I enjoyed this movie but then I like movies about retro bands. I think Kristen did an outstanding job playing Joan Jett’s character.


I was just looking at that one :grinning:


It’s fantastic. Binged the whole season over the weekend. Now I want more!!!


If you love cats, check out this documentary BEFORE you opt to declaw!


Don’t even need to see the flick-Declawing is fucking INHUMANE. If you want to declaw your cats, chop the last knuckle off your fingers first and see how you like it. (Not “you”-you, but a general you, You understand?)




Binged that 2 days ago aswell, lol really good :+1:t2: