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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I couldn’t control myself!!! :joy:


I hardly ever can!:roll_eyes:


That has been against the law here for a long time now. Poor cats :scream_cat:


Same in Au. Docking tails is also against the law (more of a dog thing tho)


It’s illegal here in some areas, but not many. :disappointed_relieved: The Paw Project group is working to change that!!!


I don’t understand how we are still so barbaric in the care of our pets. If you don’t want claws, don’t get a cat. If you don’t want a long tail sweeping clean your coffee table, don’t get the dog. Poor animals! And don’t get me started on cropping ears…


I totally agree responsible animal care should be the number one priority of any vet I can’t believe that a vet would even declaw a cat - they should have an oath like a Dr - Do not harm.


I’m afraid not. I’ve learned a long time ago that everything that we call inhumane is only done by humans.
It says a hell of a lot about our species.


I have two declawed cats. The older cat was declawed about 22 years ago and I didn’t have much say in the matter (I was 11 at the time). The younger kitten was declawed due to a malformed claw. I wanted to just have the one (single digit) claw removed, but it would have cost the same and I was out voted.

So here’s my opinion on the matter. Is modifying a pet to suit your desires and protect your furniture immoral? Yes, and I still feel like shit not getting my mother and sisters to agree with me on Sara’s declawing. Is declawing for medical reasons immoral or wrong? Nope, medical reasons…I just wish the vet charged by the claw. Then she probably would have been able to keep her other claws.

To get back to topic, Stranger Things season two is set to drop in 10 days. Anyone else excited?


Personally I would’ve kept it to one claw no matter the costs.
My neighbourhood is always festooned with notes about missing cats. Declawed cats cannot defend themselves or hunt for food so they will not survive if they’re not found on time.
A shame you were overruled on this issue. :disappointed:

Sorry about the


How old is that cat? :astonished:

  1. She’ll be 24 on Feb 2nd.


Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


True point. We, as a species, are capable of some of the greatest achievements and the worst atrocities.


People never cease to amaze me. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.


I’m hooked!


I identify as a Cynical Humanist: Losing faith in humanity, one person at a time!

Just wish that it wasn’t always the absolute worst that pulled the absolute best out of us as a species or as a societal organism.


I’m thinking I may watch it all again. I loved it so much!!! And we can’t expect a new season before 2019! :sob:

Me too. Me too…


I just downloaded the book, it might be even better than the series. They usually are :grin:


Thoroughly recommend The Vietnam War A 10 part documentary that took 10 years to make, and is really eye opening to the mess the Politicians made of a war they couldn’t ever win, but kept getting swept up by events that prolonged it and cost 1000’s more lives.


:astonished::smiley: Let me know!!!