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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Mike Nolan Show - YouTube special

Awesome Aussie z grade show, I love it!

Language warning on this one.


Enjoyed watching Rectify and Ozark
Good series… Longmire and Blue Bloods, Granite Flats, and Hell on Wheels
Limitless is ok.
Just watched Mindhunter the other day and it was pretty good.
Train to Busan is good, if you like the Zombie thing.
I’m still watching episodes of Person of Interest now and then.

Based on recommendations above, I was going to watch Eureka, but it’s no longer free to watch it seems.
I’m going to TRY to watch Walking Dead I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


Went crazy on VUDU last night and rented a few movies

The secret scripture - very good movie

The beguiled- the story was boring and ending was too quick with a great cast of females and a good actor i would have expected a lot more NOT WORTH RENTING

the book of henry- Great Movie id buy this one , sad story grab the kleenex box


Halfway through episode 2 - it’s really good! And it’s directed by David Fincher. The cast is really good!


i love that show , watched it in two days , great show


Check this out:


thats good stuff right there , a bit creepy lol


Based on the novella by Stephen King, 1922. Watched this last night. I can relate to the wife. I felt the same way when we moved into a house and place just like that as a preteen. Cows and corn. It was a nightmare. LMAO ! Pretty good movie.


I’m all psyched for Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix. Too bad it’s only 9 episodes… I’ll probably binge through it this weekend.


Already binged. Already want more.


That’s what I’m afraid of…


Streaming another one on Amazon, Salvation. Only watched a few, but so far so good…


Just finished watching 2 series of The Detectorists (series 3 started this week) A classic gentle British comedy series, unique to the BBC. Well worth a watch.

In the middle of Suburra, not as good as Gomorrah imho, but still very enjoyable. Best to watch the Italian version with English Subs, The dubbed version just doesn’t work for me.

Looking forward to the new series of Peaky Blinders starting Wednesday in the UK. Past series available on Netflix for streaming outside the UK. Great music score to this show also.


I started watching season 1 last night. Watched 3 episode. Seems pretty good.


ive been waiting to seee the new season cant wait


Hopefully Netflix gets it ASAP!


Haters Back Off, Season 2!
My husband says it makes him ‘nervous’. :smiley:


I watched the preview for that, and didn’t know what to think!


It’s nutty as crap. She’s an eccentric oddball, and it’s hilarious.


It makes me nervous as well!