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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I just started this again, I think it’ll be either the 3rd or 4th time watching the series. Looove that show!


Oh Yes! Mary-Louise Parker is so incredible hot! Yes and it´s funny :wink:


I watch both and both like to watch. :wink:


This irritated the crap out of me too, the previous versions of this show kinda sucked compared to this one. I very much enjoyed it.

Ive been on vacation for a bit so i have some catching up on shows to do! Right now im watching the Star Wars Blurays for the first time, i got them for Xmas. Up until now i have only seen them in the original theatrical release and the laser disk rips i downloaded many years ago. I aint real happy about the changes made but dayum they are beautiful!


I’m late to the Norsemen party, but loving every minute of it. Sooo funny!
I’m also diggin’ Lovesick.

Both on Netflix


Season 2 of Dirk Gently is on Netflix :smiley:

It is highly recommended that you watch this when you’re stoned. It sorta makes sense when you’re stoned and very amusing.


Amazon Prime members, it’s out !!!


Non amazon prime members it is out if you look in the dirty corners :wink:



Watching a few episodes now, and they are quite different, interesting, and intriguing. Because each episode is so different from the next, reminds me of a modern, polished version of the Twilight Zone.


Ya have watched a few now myself quite enjoying them - little bit different from the norm.

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror yet that is another one to find


Mmmmmmm black mirror, going to binge until I find it !!!


Netflix for that one.


Black Mirror has some great episodes, and some good episodes. Watch the first one and you’ll be hooked.


I honestly could not get into that one.


Train wreck. Could. Not. Look. Away.


The first ep is well, can we say different. Some of the others are really good particularly the new season


Tried, just could not get into it at all. I must be weird. DO NOT ANSWER @Cutlass92!!




No it’s not that your weird, you just don’t like the lube, something about the chafing feels good.


See above!!! Your comment!!!