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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


i should have known it was a book , i bet the book would have been better , but when i read a book then see a movie im disappointed in the movie usually


TNT is showing The Alienist based on Caleb Carr’s novel (which I thought was fantastic!). It’s set in the 1890’s New York and is about the birth of criminal profiling to catch a serial killer. I’m stoked about this one.



Watched The Open House on Netflix. There’s an hour and a half I’ll never get back. Then started the series Britannia on Amazon which is weirdly interesting but a slow mover. Not sure about that one yet.


recently enjoyed watching this on Sunday night, was very entertaining w/ a large talented cast!


smartass :rofl:


Where is the middle finger emottie…


Here let me get that for you


I ain’t into soap operas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heads up for those who like Sci Fi…
A new Cloverfield entry is releasing right after the Superbowl!
It will be available on Netflix.
Carry on lol! :robot::alien::star_struck:
(grabs mod, juice and popcorn…)


Tried watching Altered Carbon, cool graphics, MC was kinda mhhehh for what he was or the situation he was in.
Storyline was slightly erractic but dunno if i’ll watch the next episode.


It was a little busy (Altered Carbon) but the action was solid, and even though its total blade runner aesthetic, I’ll probably watch a few more episodes …just have to be in the right mindframe since it seems full of small details.


I grabbed it but havent sat down to watch it yet. Good to see people are giving opinions on it, the frame T of H mind C needs to be juuuust right, gotcha… :wink:

I watched The Cloverfield Paradox this afternoon. Now i loved 10 Cloverfield Lane and didnt hate Clovefield but this movie… They had a great place to move forward from with 10 Cloverfield Lane, im not sure wtf they were thinking by making this.

At no point did this movie make sense and im not sure wtf happened…


Tesla, the father of our technological world. Yeah, ill be watching that despite knowing its going to be a bunch of phony drama with a tiny revelation or two. And ill love it just because they talk about the man who invented our modern world.


A UK comedy called Catastrophe on Channel 4 into its 3rd series now, but just watched them all. Adult Comedy about an American Bloke getting an Irish woman pregnant in London after a 1 night stand and they end up getting married. Haven’t laughed out loud so much at a show in a long time. Well written and acted. Thoroughly recommend. Maybe available on Amazon as well.


Me too. For like 10 minutes.

If you give it another chance and think it’s worth it let us know.

Now, if I could please have my Vikings back I’d be happy :slight_smile:


Kind of felt the same way after watching. The only part that stuck out was the wall meld and the last shot.


yes wednesday was very stressful , did you ever start knightfall ? i finally sat down and watched it last week and its not a bad show


Started Vikings. Now watching S2E3. I like!


Not checked out Knightfall yet. I may have to slum it since Vikings isn’t airing right now. :wink: