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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


I watched the whole season in no time and I thought if was pretty good and now on to season three and fast please.

Thanks for reassuring me that my taste is not total crap :grinning:


Did you see ‘The Expanse’?

Best show on TV nowdays and there are whole three seasons to enjoy :smiley:


Thanks and no I haven’t seen it. I was bored and ended up watching I’m a killer on Netflix but I’m not bored enough to continue so I will switch and check out The Expanse :grin:


Castle Rock started of promising, but the further it goes, the worse it gets for me. I’m losing patience with it. Is there some kind of story to this? It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The story needs to move forward, it is stagnating.

The episode of the circular life, which was a rehash of the previous episode but through eyes of sissy spacek who’s character is suffering from dementia so nothing spooky or weird that you might think was a Stephen King twist was a huge step down for me and had me looking for bullets that were locked up and hidden where I couldn’t find because I forgot where I put them and they didn’t fall out when that place was used as a coffin but something just expected from someone deteriorating mind and I thought was rather ridiculous, useless curiosity of an episode that didn’t drive the story forward along with a following episode of the girl who died in the woods who isn’t dead (?) along with character/name switches and that girl needs to touch the boy to see what he sees but suddenly doesn’t need to touch him anymore to see what he sees and continues the sight onto another person after dying…

Previous sentence is as meandering and senseless as this show has become to me from what I thought was a great beginning.

And yet, a la King Ezekiel, I keep watching. I haven’t seen epsiode 10 which is this show’s last hope to entice me to watch season 2.

It is a quality production, great stars, but question the writing as a whole as well as what are they thinking, or not.

My wife is a huge Stephen King fan and she thinks the same thing. She plans to watch the entire season again in a binge to see if it makes any sense as a whole rather than an episode a week followed by a wtf was that about?


I really like Better Call Saul. The first season was a slow start for me and took a bit to get through, but I think it was from expecting fast moving craziness like Breaking Bad was from the very first episode as well as wanting to see more of its characters. Those characters do come in.

Better Call Saul is a slow builder, and a weird minimalist show. Each episode feels like nothing happens, but everything has happened. As each episode ends, I’m thinking, but it just started, why is it ending so soon and I check my watch thinking it was a short episode.

Getting through the first several episodes had me questioning if I wanted to continue watching, but things started coming together, and get interesting, not only with Saul, but the back stories to the Breaking Bad characters. Given how a recent episode started and current events in latest episode, I’m wondering if season 5, which is in the works, will be the last season similar to Breaking Bad ending with 5 seasons.


Ozark surprised me, and held off on watching it, as it just sounded Ehhh, but after I watched a few episodes, that was it. Hook line and sinker.


I dig it. Hope nobody reads that before they’ve seen it! Giving away quite a bit.


i have no idea what that is. netflix prime and vue only for me


Is there going to be a season 4?
I’m asking because there are 4 books.


There are 8 books and 5 novellas :slight_smile:
And it was renewed for season 4


Great. :+1:


Jack Ryan on Netflix is pretty good …very similar to Homeland. Guessing may not be popular world-wide, but if you like(d) Homeland it’s well written/acted. Jim from The Office is ripped. Nudity, so not for the Kinders or “flesh_sensitive” Citizenry.


You mean Prime Video? :smiley:

It’s a very good one. I binged it the day it came out


Just started watching shameless and disenchantment… (recently got Netflix, I know. i’m like 3 years late to the party)


I couldn’t agree more @Phil_Fish.



Kate was decent… But Ziva was awesome!
Such a spicy little number! :drooling_face:


She was awesome until she tried to speak Hebrew. Each time she did i died a little inside :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, I was wondering about that.


“Kidding” on Showtime is a fantastic, dark, funny and philosophical show starring Jim Carrey. Great cast and high quality writing and production.


I recently found this show and I’m really enjoying it. Has a little bit of the Dexter atmosphere.