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Other Hobbies, Besides Vape stuff?



Love that 🖒 think ive found one i like :wink:🖒 cheers Ozo


i have a dream of opening a pool hall one day. what do you look fo in a pool hall?


I usually look for a pool table.

Sorry couldn’t resist


Food, drinks, lots of tables so no waiting for others to finish, some seating and dining tables near each table.
There was a place i loved to go here called Gillians, they had full bar, and restaurant, and probably about 14 or so pool tables. Along the wall beside each table was a bunch of 2-4 person dining and seating. They had waitresses thatd patrol around the tables checking in if you wanted to order any food or drinks. Even had a small stage in corner for live bands and stuff. It was great. Really sad they closed down, they were around for a really long time.
Charged hourly or per day for tables, not that quarter machine crap


Duchesst, Mikelej14,
I put this request up on a Billiards Reddit asking what they look for in a pool hall, and they wanted to keep the food/tables seperate, that the food would be prep-to-order (auction house style) and the tables would be small-ish stand tables away from the pool tables.

The music was a bigger point of discussion than I thought it would be, they wanted it to be controlled low volume music, top 40’s usually and then a seperate section for the waiting area. The pool hall near me has the biggest table section i think, its got 75 pool tables, but eh i’ll work up to that i guess haha :slight_smile:

def will take this into consideration though. I want it to be a pool hall, not a bar.


The main eating area and bar were in seperate section of the place not like right next to the pool tables, but they had tables and seating along side the pool tables and waitresses would service that area also. They never had anyone performing on the stage i mentioned but i only went early in the daytime, also. As far as ambient music playing i didnt really even pay attention to it.


Dude…get it done. I used to go to pool halls all the time when I was younger. The majority have seemed to have shut down/ disappeared now. Bring it back!


Got me a 1970 half crown, very pleased with it considering it was so cheap :ok_hand:


Love those - great work!


I’ve been drawing for a few years now, this is probably my best work.



Wait…is that me bottom middle :neutral_face:


No mate you are the spud with legs top right and bottom left on a bad hair day.


Either way, you look very cute, @Steampugs.


I take pennies from take a penny, at a buck thirteen so far


I just bought that same bike for my wife on Saturday lol :joy: