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Other Hobbies?


That is amazing! You made those?!?!?! I never knew there were epipes, or are they not a commercially available thing? Only can be made? Very beautiful craftsmanship! Have you gotten into building any type of wood storage systems for your mixing supplies? Or do you generally work on small, more intricate things? Wow, I have to say that I am quite blown away by those photos, they are very impressive!


I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with what you are making. Is this to carry for hiking and camping?


That’s really cool! My neighbor has a track in his yard and every Wednesday they have their races. His whole crew comes over and they have a blast! I didn’t know that this was a thing until I met him. I don’t know if they go off to important competitions or not. I am really sorry to hear about your injuries! But I am glad that it brought you to this. It’s do nice that you and your Dad get to do it together!


Wow! That is a lot of very tiny details! They look amazing! There is absolutely nothing mediocre about these my friend! You are very talented. I went to art school, so you have to take my opinion. Lol! :joy::joy:


I also make my own ice cream on occasion. I like to make cake batter flavor. It’s so delicious. Annd now I have a cake batter ice cream vape recipe that I found here. And that is delicious as well! :blush:


After reading all of the replies to this thread, it seems that we are a very creative group and good at making lots of things besides juice! It makes sense, when you enjoy making things yourself, it’s only natural to want to make your own juices. I would like to thank @Skullblade789, who I think started this thread, but I may be wrong. I apologize to the creator if I am. This is such an interesting topic! I would love to hear what more people are doing for other hobbies!! Let’s get some more replies! :blush:


I crochet babies


Way cool looking epipe :+1:


Yep, it was me. Just another topic to see what other people are into
besides the hobby of vaping. I need to get back into my paracord thing.
Just been super busy lately.


Wow, they look cute! And that’s a great photo. Thanks for dharing it!


It was a great idea. I think it is so interesting to see everyone’s talents!


The ones I have are fairly new. Growing up in the 70s when they were very popular, just never bought any then.


Ok, I forgot one of my hobbies. I was in the kitchen checking my carne asada marinading and realized I didn’t mention I collect hot sauces and all things chili pepper.


I do CG. Mostly seascapes and portraits.


What programs are you using?


Landscapes are Vue, people are Poser. I create my own characters. This is the only one I’ve ever done where I used somebody else s character

I started out using Terragen and then Bryce


I forgot about bryce. I used to play around with it and poser in what seems like forever ago.


I keep aquariums.

I also like freediving and spearfishing.


Beautiful tank, thank you for sharing. What kind of fish are we looking at here? Ive never eaten a red one before. Red Snapper?


In Australia, we call the Red pointy one a mangrove Jack, the other red ones are coral trout, red one at the back is a nannagui and the silvers are tea leaf travelley. These come from the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns.

Glad you like the tank, mostly corals with a few fish thrown in.

Keep fish at home, kill fish on the weekend, contradictory eh!