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Other Hobbies?




Yep, they’re the cream of the fish word. Stupid too, which is great for spear fishermen.


Yup them and a couple of bugs would see me right


Thanks much for the info and for sharing the pics. Ive been on or near the ocean once, i caught a Grouper.


It sure was fun and tasty! But i didnt have to go under water and get it, no frackin way. I find that to be quite brave.

And it might be a tiny bit contradictory but that first bite at dinner time is worth it. :slight_smile:


Funny, thousands of tourists go snorkelling here every day but as soon as you bring a gun into the water people freak out and look at you like your mad. The jellyfish are probably pose the biggest threat to swimmers in these parts and they don’t discriminate between tourists and fisherman. Yes a couple of people do get eaten by sharks while spearfishing and we do see heaps of sharks but I’ve never met an angry one…Yet!


LOL, im sure they do but they are the ones going into the ocean, full of sharks, without one. We used to hunt carp with bows on the rivers here and got a few weird looks. I cant even imagine doing what you do, i live next to one of the biggest inland lakes in the world, Lake Michigan, and ive never swam in it despite the fact that there isnt anything in it that could eat me…

The ginger species came from Mars and you know how much water there is their, that might be why i have the fear, hehe.

Much respect!


Yep, I married one. Allergic to sun and water.

No respect necessary, or deserved. I don’t expect any praise for my own stupidity, nor do I need the encouragement :smiley:


Hobbies…I have a few, other than raising 5 children and working that is.

Saltwater fishing every chance I get. Ever been 3 miles out at night with a generator and a couple of thousand watt lights? Not only do you not have to fight for space with other fisherman, but being out there without the sun beating down on you is quite nice! We usually go for Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder. But last weekend we ran into a school of cownose rays. That was really awesome watching them glide through the water. Catching them…not so fun on light tackle, but quite the achievement.


I have played guitar for many many years. Have been in several bands, and even cut a full length album. That was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever acheived because I produced the entire thing. We’re even on iTunes!

I’ve moved past that life now though. The memories will last forever, but I’m sure my children will appreciate that I’m home now instead of out playing shows and working on music. It never payed the bills anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every week I get together with a group for some good ole D&D. So I guess you could call that a hobby.

And there’s also the PS4 that I game on every chance I get. I’m currently talking the wife into playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 with me as it might get her into gaming a bit more.

Yep…I’m a busy guy.


Blood spattered ray :+1: I get really sick fishing at night, turn green as soon as the horizon disappears. Sorry to hear about the 5 kids, making them would have been fun though.


Yea, that ray made a mess of my boat. I avoid them, but this one hooked on before we started seeing them school up. I’ve luckily never had issues with seasickness. That would ruin my biggest escape from the daily grind. So I 'm certainly sorry to hear that you deal with that.

The kids are a blessing on their own. They definitely made me grow up and turn my life into something better than it previously was even if I wasn’t quite ready for it.


Are we ever ready? But the moment you hold that just born baby you know your live has changed, like being struck by lightning


Lately i have been mixing lotions and shampoo/conditioner. At first i was trying to make them from scratch, i wasnt very good at it. Then i grabbed some premixed “organic” bottles of each and began adding what i wanted, MUCH easier.

One of the shampoo’s i mixed is Tea Tree Oil, Menthol and Elderberry. It isnt the best smelling but it works well on dandruff and freezes your entire skull, i use it 3X/week. The conditioner is pretty well set as it is so i added some Mint, Cedar and Vanilla. The cedar i made from soaking some dried cedar chips in a small amount of PG and the vanilla is random vanilla flavorings i dont use anymore.

The lotions i have been making are mostly Copaiba Oil and CBD. The CBD i use is both a full spectrum product suspended in hemp oil and CBD isolate which i mix into the oil to increase its effectiveness. The lotion i buy is a bit on the thin side which i personally like. Both the CBD and Copaiba Oil are great anti inflammatory. I mix these in small 10ml bottles and add different things to them from time to time.

I also make a make a splash on cooling agent for shaving, menthol, witch hazel and ground alum block. I shave old school style and getting used to a new shaving soap can take a bit of time, this stuff ill fixes me right up…

I dont really have any recipes for this stuff and as with mixing its all personal preference. I get the bases/oils from bulkapothecary. I dont know if it is cheaper doing it this way but it is exactly what i want. The lotions dont smell like grandma and are thin enough to rub in quickly.

Cant imagine that i would have tried doing any of this if it werent for getting in making my own liquids.


I usually do that if there are leftovers in any bottles of shampoo or
lotions. LOL.


What does the CBD do? I’ve consumed it before but never rubbed it into my skin.


It works on my eczema and and like when it is vaped or used sublingualy it has anti inflammation properties so that i can target trouble areas. Now i cant substantiate this as i am still in the testing phase but this is how vendors market CBD based lotions. Ive tested it on its own in a lotion and it seemed to work but not as well as Copaiba oil so i combined the two and the lotion does seem to work better than either of these alone.


I love it !
I have been fooling around with making toothpaste and on occasion balms or you may could call them lotions ( potions is more like it lol ) minus any magic but the fun is the creative vibe and using what I want in a product.

I like what I’m hearing on the CBD oil keep me posted as far as anti immflammatory remarks on your tests !
I battle with rosacea so I am super sensitive to products on my face.


I refurbish used dildos


Great stuff guys I see tons of talent here. Awesome!
I woodwork, blacksmith and play with leather now.
I play with a hobby a few years then shift to a different one. It’s ADD in fast forward.
Again lots of cool stuff here. Carry on the fun.


I used to race Associated. Had a few T2’s and T3’s. Some 4 wheel drive. 12th scale on occasion. Got into enough where I was winding my own mods.
Slick looking pictures.


Works a lot better for inflammation when used topically or sublingual, vaping it not so much… BUT vaping it really helps with anxiety, more so than either of the other methods. Copaiba Oil really works well for inflammation too. :slight_smile:

Toothpaste, id be totally interested in hearing more. And i agree, it is a lot of fun coming up with new things to use this stuff for.