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Other Hobbies?


I paint with oil and acrylics. This one is done from a picture I took in Cancun. My latest hobby has been to make my special THC:CBD herbal pain salve which has taken my stabbing pain completely away!!


@amy my salve would be an amazing remedy for rosacea!!


Beautiful! As an adult the only time ive picked up a paint brush was to apply paint to a wall, in single color.

If i may ask. How do you do this? Do you imagine the imagine on the canvas and then paint it? I have zero ability to see things completed in my head so this ability, art of any kind, has always fascinated me.

For years i tried to learn how to draw and still im horrible, i have seen children with more talent than i have.

Thank you for sharing!


Hey Jazzy hit me up on PM if you feel like sharing I’d like to take a look at the ingredients…not trying to be an ingredient snob just some things right off the bat have caused me trouble. I am sure u get it


I normally take a photo of something that I really like and then sketch it on the canvas. Then I try to get as close to the picture as possible. Sometimes I like to just put some colors down on the palette and just paint tho. Its so relaxing and soothing to paint. If you want to try it out just put a few colors down and just let all inhibitions go and let the brush paint whatever it does. Its really fun!!!


Just made my first mod. Not very pretty (my old cig case I carried for about 7 years) but VERY effective.
Soldering is actually fun and relaxing. Oh yeah, @Whiterose0818 rocks! Couldn’t have done it without his support.


Nothing too special about the toothpaste so far I haven’t made any that make me enjoy brushing my teeth.

I used this one last and I think it’s ok just too much oil for my preferences. Oh and I omitted the myrrh.
I’d say I’d dial the coconut oil to around 1/4 of a cup and bring up the baking soda to around 5 tablespoons.

About 1/2 cup coconut oil.
2-3 Tablespoons of baking soda.
2 small packets of stevia powder.
15-20 drops of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil.
10 drops myrrh extract (optional)

I think that finding a balance between the baking soda and the EO will be key for me. But that link has a lot of good info in it.


Just got into wood working.


Great hobby! I don’t do enough of it anymore. I’m thinking of turning an electric fireplace that I haven’t used in years into an open cabinet for vape gear. Just drawing plans in my head at this point.


Like them which reminded me to put another clear coat on one of my holders, kinda blows, light coat then wait 6hrs. We all could do a bit of woodworking, nothing fancy to display and utilize space better.

My gear has since took over this 2nd comp area of my desk and now comp removed so am working on another shelf.


I love the look of those rustic plinthes! Really cool.


do you use the water soluble CBD or the hard stuff mixed with a bit of PG? if it works for anxiety, ill need some this season


You mean Holiday Season? :wink: Please join my Kickstarter Campaign for my latest invention …CBD infused Whole Turkeys …or Homey “Baked” Hams :relaxed: Product slogan: “bet you can’t eat just one!”


So cool! I drilled some holes into an old step stool to hold my atties… Does that count as woodworking…?


Is sarcasm a hobby?


Yes. Yes it is. Keep up the good work


Myrrh is good for your gums. It’s cheap…or it used to be before this fair trade crap.


Its my main hobby, actually.


I really quite enjoy shooting space monsters.


I actually DO like drums …

The only issue is, I have as many as I do Steam Craves !!!