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Pazzo FlavourArts new line


Well done and thank you


Cream Filled,…mhhhmmmmm


It’s showing page not found and I can’t find it in a search…might not sell it anymore.


Just before I placed an order with DIY Vapor Supply (at 2:28 AM today), I checked and saw FA Custard Premium flavor was still available. I’ve heard that FANA has stopped distributing any flavors containing Diacetyl to U.S. vendors. The Custard Premium certainly does have some.

I do see it on sale (50% off! :blush:) here… https://flavourart.com/en/store/flavors/emotions/custard-premium-flavor/

(Another popular Diacetyl containing flavor (Cream whipped flavor) is also 50% off there. :smile:)

Good Deals 2018!

@fidalgo_vapes :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::grin:


Thanks for the review @Mark_Turner ! Thank you for the link @Kanamit ! Thank you for pointing the way @Lolly!:fist:


thank you my dear at that price ill Have to buy it


50% off you could buy a gallon. Lol. Then start a side rebottling job.


ya the cream whipped is more of a concern for me , and i think buying from ECX is a better deal after shipping etc , im ordering 500ml of the CW and if they have a sale soon on FA ill buy another 500ml the butter is good but i dont use it enough to go big


You don’t consider 500ml of flavoring big? I guess I use too much of a variety…30mls last me a year except for a few ADV and even those are 60ml.

I decided not t go with the sale even though shipping was reasonable for the 5-20 day delivery. But no tracking, didn’t feel that safe.


lmao yea the 500ml is huge. ( rhe most ive ordered is 120ml ), the cream whipped is one of my fave flaves and i dont want to be with out or find out later they reformulated it. The butter is good but not good enough to go that big on , like you said a 30ml will usually last me a very long time , but i am noticing there a few flaves im using more often than others


@Bigelow would love to hear your thoughts on the range you tried now after near a month steep did the bakeries develop more?


Yes, Joker the bakery profile Concentrate you are referring is very good after a period of maturation, 14-21 Days. Although like I mentioned above, I definitely won’t be jumping on the Hype Train.
Queen was the only Concentrate that I felt really stood out as unique +/or intriguing.
I believe for New to DIY Mixers the Pazzo line will be of more interest.
Or maybe for someone that just wants a quick & simple mix that’s tasty. The FA Pazzo line would be a nice choice.


Thanks mate


We’re slowly starting to see suppliers where you can get these flavors… but why the beep isn’t anything available yet via flavourart.com, flavourart.it or flavourart.co.uk, not even basic info?


If you like the Joker cannoli chip juice here, i think you’d like @Beaufort_Batches cannoli recipe:


I searched also, and made some inquiries on their face book page. what’s it called? anyway I dm them and they got back with me and said it is only available in the states and I would assume Canada

Pazzo is a strictly North American launch. It is designed as a one shot that tastes great right off the mix, but like most FlavourArt it gets better with some steep time

that is a quote from FA north america


I liked your answer, but that doesn’t mean I like it one bit :angry:


I know right? even though it doesn’t affect me it still affects me.


In Greece maybe in all EU (I don’t know) FA have release other SnV flavors.