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Pazzo FlavourArts new line


Feel free to share some more info… haven’t seen or heard anything about that


They call it Mix-Shake series and I can find it only in Greek stores here is the site of flavourart hellas on the mix and shake series link, is only in Greek language available, if you need any help tell me.

Seven Leafs
Cuban Supreme
Forest Fruits
Apple Cookie
Strawberry Cookie
Lemon Cookie
Polar Mint
Vanilla Cream


Thanks. They don’t nearly look as interesting as the Pazzo line. It looks more like a basic pre-mix of existing flavors, nothing anyone couldn’t make with their normal flavors.

I do have to say that I completely disagree with FA Greece’s marketing department. Doesn’t this look a little bit too much marketed towards children instead of adults?
It’s what you expect to see when you walk in a candy shop.


you have to remember that most of what they do is for candy, and water and food. Very little of their market is for vapers. So ya, it looks like I would want to use them in my candy making endeavors.


I live in Czech Republic. And I am italian, so I am furious about this information, they released Pazzo only in North America… Flavour Art really don’t know how to make business, I would have buy tons of Joker, Ace, Queen and the Cannoli flavor, but no. America is the best, god bless America. Flavour Art disappointing italian bastards. Call the line Crazy, you are not allowed to call it by an Italian name if you didn’t plan to release it here in EU, at least in Italy… bastards!


@Mark_Turner I ordered some of the queen, it hasn’t arrived yet, do you think tfa vbic would go well with it? Do you have any suggestions as to what would complement the flavor? From reading your post I gathered that you were most impressed with the queen is that right? Thanks for your notes.


Hi @Awakenow2 yes Queen for me was a winner. After working with this Concentrate further. I am thinking it’s Yumberry that is a part of the flavor profile. It’s very good as a stand-alone. Or could be paired nicely with Creams, Desserts or other Fruit flavorings.
Yes, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream would work nicely with Queen (FA)


Thinking about ordering a couple OOO one shots, on my next order. Which ones do you like?


I have a few friends from Italy that live in the Czech republic and talk wonders of vasecigareta.cz,and that country.
I still live in Italy, with pros and cons but I don’t think FA is stupid or disappointing.

My guess for this is that the relations they have with FA North America are very strong and they listen carefully to what Mr. Shaun Casey and Mr. Richard Hong of FA NA say, probably (just my guess) they asked for some tailor made juices for the NA market and might have asked for some specific profiles (both gentlemen are very active and knowledgeable) and following their request FA answered, I don’t believe it’s much more than that…
The fact that those profiles are only available there might be questionable,and in some ways wrong, but wouldn’t call them bastards for it (and I’m not Italian… so it’s got nothing to do with it…)

I’d guess that writing to them might explain something, but I also guess their answer…


Ciao, after your disappointment about the Pazzo flavours, I went and did a quick search, it didn’t take long to confirm my thoughts, exactly my thoughts… Have a look and smile, they went far more then just ask for a profile, they made it, nothing to do with Italy!

Well done guys!


Thank you Mr. Frank for your answer. I’ll stick to my Strawberry Cream in this case… :slight_smile:


@robin Let me go back into my order history so I can remember (LOL) which ones I tried. They didn’t really WOW wow me, and most seemed packed with sweetener, as evidenced by my coil check after a 6ml tank.

Let me check…



Cookies and Milk - One Shot Flavor Concentrate
Vanilla Macchiato - One Shot Flavor Concentrate
French Toast - One Shot Flavor Concentrate
Strawberry Jam - One Shot Flavor Concentrate
Blue Raspberry Candy - One Shot Flavor Concentrate

Out of all of these, the only one I really liked was the Strawberry Jam. Very jammy, despite being too sweet. I didn’t take notes on the others, but I really wasn’t a fan. I did keep the SB Jam, and that’s actually pretty good. I found that I hadn’t even tried the Vanilla Macchiato, which I’m vaping now, it’s fair, but has a rubber band off note on the finish, which does it in for me. If they moved me, I would have posted. Probably not much help, but you get the idea.

The one thing I CAN stress above all others, is DO NOT USE THEIR BOTTLES. Worst bottle/caps ever. You’ll be lucky if you can squeeze/jam the caps on, and when you’re pouring them, the caps will shoot off. If you DO try a few, be prepared to just use your own bottles.


BAD stock bottle on the left, GOOD replacement bottle on the right @robin.


Thank you, I was hoping that they woudnt be loaded with sweetner. I cant take that sickly sweet juice anymore. I wanted to try the watermelon one shot. For some reason. i cant find or make a watermelon recipe that actually tastes like real sweet watermelon candy.


I like how your bottles are set up. Did you use nail polish holders?


@robin I haven’t tried the WM so I can’t comment on it. Even though the SB Jam is kind of sweet, it is actually very jammy, and good. Yes, I DO use nail polish racks, but it doesn’t seem to matter how many I buy, I fill them up, and I need more room LOL.


Wow, Much more organized than I am. I’ll have to pick up a few?


This is shady. I feel lied to and tricked. Good thing i was only interested in one and bought only the cannoli flavor


At least you got the one that is half way decent