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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


Did you like Doom?


I’m not really good enough or patient enough for dark souls. Wouldn’t mind watching on PS4 though. My call sign guys is HEYMARINE1833. Mass Effect should be out late march. After that, I may redo remastered skyrim as the price may drop to reasonable by summer


@ecigexpress and @Skullblade789 I think its great. Pretty hard on high difficulty, but very cool.
Its a bit different to other FPS, you have to charge in and keep moving. Its a bit different strategy.


SOOOOo pumped for ME: Andromeda!


I got it for $40 on eBay new. It’s worth it because you can use mods and it has some of the dlc like dawngaurd. It’s fun to play through again


Here’s some bummer news. Guess I’ll paly a few rounds after work:(


I remember the Atari 2600 version. Loved it.


So, the For Honor Beta is over. Let me tell you I will be getting this. I played just a little bit, because I did not want to ruin my experience for when it comes out. I am excited for this one. It will be good and challenging. Working together and knowing your character is key. I think this will be a good game. Graphically is beautiful too. I hope this will live up to the hype.


So if any of you console fans out there had 3 games to play, what would they be and why? (As of 30 Jan 17.)


1.) Dark Souls 3. Love the mechanics of this game.
2.) Skyrim. Love the lore and the freedom.
3.) God of War series. Absolutely love the series and the fighting of Gods.

Most Anticipated:

1.For Honor. Played the beta and had fun.
2. ME: Andromeda. Hype is real.
3.Elder Scrolls 6. Love the series.


I would have to go with : (any one of the series)

  1. God Of War series (love the action and puzzles)
  2. Uncharted series (same as above lol)
  3. C.O.D. (strategy and fun)


is for honor multiplayer only or is it both a single player campaign and multiplayer. reason asking is i strongly prefer single player stuff


is there a date yet for the elder scrolls 6? god. sure hope soem of this stuff comes out before we are admitted to the nursing home


It has a single player, but heavy on the multiplayer. Just a very good multiplayer. I enjoy it. I normally do not play multiplayer games, but this one suits me.


Going to pick Doom up tonight… PS4 or XBOX1 ?


I’ve fallen into a dark trap friends… There was a free casino simulator on PSN network last weekend… Ive been wandering a virtual casino and hanging out in nighclubs fake dancing as I vape the weekend away :frowning: LOL


This question us for anyone , I do not play video games but my 5 year old son likes them and i started him off with a wii system just because its active and he has to use his body a lot , but its an older system and any new games like kung fu panda 3 are only made for newer devices or whatever you call them , so what system would be best with the most amount of kid games and the system that makes him active at the same time while he plays is ut the wii wu??? any suggestions thnx


PS4 has controllers similiar to the Wii @fidalgo_vapes ! you can get games that utilize these as well as have a blu ray player / entertainment console. (netflix, Amazon, HBO, Youtube, etc.)
So I would say that.


I’m a PS4 guy, but nintendo is coming out with a Switch console that might be good for your kid because of the nintendo games and it will also run good games for the more experienced gamers too. You might check it out anyway. The switch is supposed to be released in March this year.


Here’s the list of Free PS Plus Games for February… Vaping and Little Big Planet 3 pair surprisingly well like creams and fruits lol



Is anyone getting that new Ghost Recon and on what system?