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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


I do not know yet. I have been digging For Honor. I love that game.

PS4 tag: WildAces74


That game looks very awesome. The Samurai class seems pretty interesting!


You guys could get those hookah style deals and you wouldn’t have to take vape out of your mouth.


lol… the VR headset is bad enough! LOL could you imagine a vape mask attached to that? Before the Nicotine OD you would be in a magical world where every breath was a ( insert your ADV here.)


I could just see my nephew sitting there with the game controller and that pipe and hose hanging out of his mouth.


thats a dark road @Maureeenie lol…a dark road indeed!



Would have to go low nic though…


and maybe a light fruity menthol!


Yeah, probably not a heavy Caramel sort of thing for a 12 hour marathon session lol…

I watched that kid gaming one night when he was 9 years old. Everyone had gone to bed. He fell asleep on their 3 season porch on the couch laying down sideways with his arms hanging off the couch gripping the game controller like he could die if he dropped it.

He was snoring. I just couldn’t believe he could be completely asleep like that without dropping it.


Kinda makes me wonder what will senior citizens homes be like in 30 years? will it be all the elders hooked up to some sort of gaming system?


At the rate I’m going it will be 10 years and they better have something for me other than a daily enema


No couches, just recliners and coffee tables with a lot of plugs on the walls next to the recliners. My step son’s living room has two recliners, a 350.00 wireless router, 2 game systems, two laptops and 2 50" flat screens with a table in-between the recliners. It’s surreal from my day.


Only things I had when growing up was the outside, bike, toy cars and imagination


FYI. Horizon Zero Dawn and Titanfall2 are amazing.


Some friends said the horizon zero dawn was good. I’m taking very long head shots in sniper 4. Waiting for Mass Effect. Are you planning on getting wildlands?


Wildlands and Mass Effect are definitely on the list.


Wildlands should be out on PS4 tomorrow. Add me if you want. HEYMARINE1833


Very Cool. I decided to use a personal account if Im going to befriend and Game with folks… Add me at Humbleninja77.
If im on Im always down to chat about mixing and vaping while gaming or gaming while mixing and vaping LOL


I would love to get a multiplayer crew of vapers/mixers together so just let me know if you are interested and we will see if we can match games:)


I’ve only got kinda slow DSL with a 11mps. Can’t help this as it’s the best we can do out in the sticks. I’ll add you and a few others here when I get home.