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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


I have not been a while since I have been on. All is changed.


How’s Destiny doing, played solidly for a long tie but I’ve not been on for a couple of months now…love that game


You know how destiny is … you play it for 6 months then quit for six months lol rinse and repeat!


I’m about 7 hours into main story. So far it has covered the story arc from movies 1 & 2, and the game is now moving into the arc covered in movie 3 (The Advent).


Nice I think I’ll pick up the movies and absorb and then buy the game. I had a film project come up this week so I cant game like I want to but saturady I intend to beat Horizon Zero Dawn and move on to either Wildlands or Berserker.


I was at best buy the other day and they have the complete movie (1-3) collection on blu ray for 19.99. Damn good price if you’re looking for legit copies.


Probably more likely that they will all be hooked up similar to Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society


Real Quick. Whats everybody Gaming on? I’m halfway through Horizon Zero Dawn, Half way through the Titanfall2 campaign, and just bought a VR game called Unearthing Mars…because Vaping in VR is awesome.


Lackadaisical at the moment. However my library is posted above.


was the first dlc for ds3 worth getting?


I liked it. Goid weapons. Difficult in like 3 spots. The boss was hard as hell. You will die a bunch.


Food for thought. In downloaded wildlands and I’ll probably remove it. Rubbery controls, a dead side quest that after i did it, I had no idea what I was supposed to do to finish it. Not my cup of tea but this is only my opinion. I felt sniper 4 was much more satisfying so I’m playing this again


Nope. I watched an hour of gameplay on a second screen while editing this weekend … I thin kit was the fellows from IGN… they tried their hardest to make the game see fun bt in the end it was just the game “Just Cause” tactical edition plus the graphics were kinda bland. So pairing that with your review I think ill pass and wait for Mass Effect Andromeda.


And that had better not suck!


Just curious about mass effect andromeda and found this online. Reviewer wasn’t thrilled. Hope this isn’t true. The past mass effect games were great and hard for me to believe bioware would blow something like this out their weenies.


ohhhhhh nooooo not this too!


I think it will still be good. When a new story starts you have to trudge through major slop story backgrounds to get the gist of what needs to happen to continue to a great story.


I also do not think this guy has ever really played a mass effect game to it fullest.


Cool I didnt watch the vid yet but that makes sense as the franchise is old enough to be foreign to some of these newer reviewers lol


I mean look at Dragon Age Inquisition. You had to slog through tons of story just to figure things out.

Best story and best side quests that mean something had to be Witcher 3. I have not finished, but damn it is great so far.