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RDA wicking suggestions


Hi all, I’ve just ordered my first RDA tank (a SXK KayFun V5 clone) and while I wait for it, I start documenting on how to build the coil.

I watched some YT videos and read some tutorials.
I see almost everyone suggest to use Kanthal A1 - 30 AWG wire for beginners.
Seems easy to buy the wire and wrap it. Or do you suggest to start with pre made coils?

I’m a MTL guy but I don’t know what’s the common impedance used in self wrapped coils. I’m currently using 1.8 Ohms coils in my Nautilus 2 and I’m happy with that kind of vaping. Can this apply for self wired coils too?
I tried using the http://www.steam-engine.org/ calculator with the above setup for wire (Kanthal A1 - 30 AWG) for 1.8 Ohms and number makes sense but maybe this won’t apply for self wired coils… :man_shrugging:

Suggestions on the wire to use (gauge, material, clapton or not, pre-made coils, etc)?
Suggestions on the usual impedance for MTL use?
Absolutely needed tools?

Thanks all in advance. :blush:

MTL Tank suggestion

Wow, look at that default steamengine sheet is mostly filled out for ya! you’d prob want a 2.5 or 3mm coil, just enter that in and u get 6 wraps. That is for kanthal 30g which is fine. when u wick just have enuff to cover the lil juice holes, dont cram a bunch in there, if u get dry hits u have too much and if it leaks, not enuff. Gl to you and have fun!


Investing in one of the Coil Master building kits will give you every tool and jig that you need. Good way to get started.


Is this really a must have? I mean, I can use my mod for checking the impedance and I also have a nice digital multimeter…


I got the kit that just has the tools. I didn’t get the one with the 521 tab. I think it cost me $25.


And no, its not a must have, but it will give you all the tools you need in one kit.


30g might be a bit thin to work with, I would recommend you bump it up to 28g or 26g.

As for coil size, then steam engine has a nice feature called heat flux. You can set this to a desired level based on how hot or cool you like your vape, then it will tell you how much wattage you need to reach that, for the coil you are building. As @worm1 also said, 6 wraps with 30g at 2.5mm inner diameter will give you a heat flux of 200 mw/mm2 at 10 watts, which should be suited for MTL vaping.

As for tools needed then I will just quote myself from another thread:



Outstanding yes with @NChris


What works for me for years where I’m at Standard/high ohms and low watts (1.5~2.0 ohms/6-7w/30ga Kanthal A1;4-6 turns;0.11 inch ID;Rayon wick). If you can bend a paperclip you can make a staggered single coil.
Tools a shank of the correct outside diameter ( drill bit, screw from hardware store) and wire cutter or nail clipper.
Check some youtube vids on " yourtube making avape wire coil ".


absolutely needed tools:

a screwdriver with 2,5 Diameter OR Coil Jigger (you will need them to wrap or help you to place and keep the coil on the deck where you wish without destroying it)
Ceramic Tweezers (for strumming the coil if needed and making fixes on the coil while it’s on the deck if that needed too)
Wires Cutter OR a big nail cutter (obviously to cut the wires that exceed on the deck, or the wire you will make your coil)

now for the wire gauge… oh well… this is personal preference…
though i am a DL vaper… even on MTL tanks i like going with kinda thick wires… and lower resistances than 1.8ohms ofc…
imho i would suggest you try 26,28,30 gauge… 26 and 28 can’t provide you more flavor in general, require some more watts than the 30ga and some warmer vapor… :slight_smile: but that’s MY preference :slight_smile:

if you’re going to use clapton i would suggest you try to find something like 28/32 or 28/34 claptons KA1 … Warmer vapor, required even more watts than the simple kanthal and they work perfectly for MTL

gl and hf :slight_smile:


I’ve just started wrapping coils and I gotta say that simple builds are really easy. I’ve also learned that ohms don’t mean much with regulated mods and that steamengine is your best friend when building coils.

The flavor is so much better that I get from my nautilus, switching to a rebuild-able was the best thing I’ve done in a while.

I messed up the wicking a couple of times before I realised the importance of being nice the wick and getting it right - be kind to your wick :wink:

Have fun and enjoy.


Thank you everyone :sunglasses: for the incredible amount of information.
I’ve learnt a lot and will start experimenting as soon as my first RTA arrives.