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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


@Walt_RealFlavors how the heck did you do that?
My order has already shipped! I just put it in last night. No other company that I have orders from has done that. Are you using magic, elves, fairies!?


New server is running and the new faster layout is up and running. It still needs some tweaks but we will get there :slight_smile:

So here is a heads up on a sale starting today (being emailed out tmrw).

All the new flavors are on sale for $2 for a 1oz bottle!!! Also, there is no limit!!! You can order one of each or a 1000 of one favorite flavor! This is limited to only the 18 promo flavors! Check it out here:



Awesome Walt, order placed. Thank you!


Damn @Walt_RealFlavors, I was trying to hold off on any flavor orders for a few weeks!


Lol I am leaving for Pittsburgh for a week, I can’t let the office be too quiet haha!

Anyone from that area? We are sponsoring some boats and will be apart of the events going on!


And coinciding with the release of apple butter and butter pecan pie!! I hope stock lasts long enough for me to get a few bucks in the account in the morning!


Perhaps someone can explain to me, in case I’m doing something wrong.

I purchased about a dozen VG version flavors from Real Flavors. They all irritate my throat and give me bad sore throat from repeated use. I have tried other companies (Inawera, Perfumer’s Apprentice, Capella, FlavourArt) and none has the same effect.

Last night, I tried Caramel Apple, after 7 weeks, and it still irritated my throat from the very first hit. I mixed it with 60/40 PG/VG at 10%. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Same with all the other VG flavors purchased at the same time.

Oh, I want to add that their concentrated version is fine for me.


I would try to raise the VG level in your mixes since you might be sensitive to PG.


Nope. As I mentioned, no issues with other companies like Inawera, PA, Capella, or FlavourArt. I mix them all with higher PG and never had this problem. Their concentrated version is fine; just their VG version irritates my throat.

Wanted to try Lemon Meringue last night and realized it had zero smell left after 7 weeks steep.


This would be a good time to give us two recipies. Just type in the following format if you don’t have it saved to elr…

Flavor x 1#
Vanilla RF vg 1%
Strawberry RF Sc 5%


Have you given it another try? Curious on your thoughts through the curing process.


I actually liked it more when it was fresh… 1 or 2 days. It got weird at about a week. At about 3 weeks the goodness returned. It’s actually a very good ice cream type but it’s not very creamy or heavy or super vanilla-y. It lacks the mouth feel I was hoping for. Overall it’s a very good flavor that I’m sure I’ll find a niche for.


When “single flavor” vaping ive been adding just a bit of white choco MF, that and vanilla MF are nice as creams.

.75 - 1% FV RFSC
.25% WC MF

4 weeks has been my sweet spot so far. I havent gone over 1.25% with it, not sure if i will.

Thanks for the input!


Just a heads up.

We launched a new update today. The menus are WAY easier to use and we also installed a new support portal. https://realflavors.ladesk.com/

Because this is technically not on the Real Flavors server… I can talk about eliquid there :open_mouth:


How long do you think it will take before someone sends a “I mixed your flavor at 50% and it tastes bad I want my money back” email to the new support email?


We get one of those a week… Love it…

My favorite so far today has been:

“I added your flavor to boost a $30 bottle of premium eliquid and it ruined it, I want a refund plus the cost of the eliquid I bought”


Best one I got was a woman who asked for a refund because she thought she was buying an actual lemon meringue pie.


Oh wow…stupid knows no bounds…


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. Albert Einstein


Real Flavors Help Wanted Ad LOL

I am looking to hire someone to help with a vape FAQ on our site.

Also, I am looking for someone to write product descriptions too!

PM me if this is something you are interested in. Also please know that when deciding who to hire, I look at how active the person is on here, and how many flavors you have mixed :smiley: