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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


You really are just awesome!


I knew I forgot one!!! It is done and coming out!


I have a batch of cooked pear coming this fall!


You know whats coming next, right? Yep!




dragonfruit / pitaya…


might try this APPLE butter. dont know what to expect.


OK for the most part we are live!

It is just a beta test to make sure the system can handle it all.
Working out a few bugs but with over 50 people hitting f5 it is taking a bit LOL


Already placed my order, as you were uploading stuff. I might have F5’d a time or 74.

Thanks again, Walt and crew!


My order went through just fine. Thanks! I look forward to trying out the flavorings!


My order went in great!


Just placed my order. It went slow but I got it in. In addition to the free flavors I added Black Label French Vanilla and SC Peach. I’ve really been looking for a realistic peach as most peaches I’ve had taste too much like a gummy ring peach. Real Flavors’ peach seems to be a contender, so what the heck I went for it.


That there WE ARE HERE button could use an X to close it. It was blocking some items so i had to block the png.

Just some feedback from me and some in chat, mostly Jesse… hehehe


I like the combination of Peach SC and Peach INW, very real and wonderful peach tho each are excellent on their own.


100% agreed on this @Walt_RealFlavors. It was mildly annoying.

And I’ve got INW Peach in another vendor’s cart so I’ll definitely give that combination a go. Do you have a preferred ratio to work with the two together?


Im still working on that, or so the wife tells me.


No issue placing my order :+1:


Tee shirts???


Had a slight issue on the website @Walt_RealFlavors sent you a pm about it… it shouldn’t effect others though… cause I’s unique lol



Sorry I am getting to some of the replies and messages here soon. It is a bit crazy here. Only a small amount of free bottles left!


Thanks, Walt! It was like using a dial-up modem from the 90’s, but I got the order in last night. Already shipped! Great job, and thanks for the freebies!