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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Beautiful! I should have assumed you would, of course, do it thoughtfully. Thanks, man! Hey, if you do another Black Label Banana, set 2 2oz bottles aside for me! I missed the boat on that one, and I’m using your regular banana a lot these days. Lots of compliments.


@Walt_RealFlavors just as a heads up your amazon discription of Apple Butter seems wrong it reads:
Product description
Dating back to 1850s Yorkshire, butterscotch is a soft, dense candy reminiscent of fudge (but stickier) and made primarily from brown sugar and salted butter. It’s delicious, but a lot of work to prepare! Now you can enjoy the rich, buttery-sweet flavor of original butterscotch that we all know and love, without hours of preparation or a mess to clean afterwards.


Woah!! I had no idea you had the Black Label Banana in stock! Thought you only had 16 bottles and was sure they must have gone quick!! I’m buying it right now!

Edit: Ok, I just bought it, queue the Thanksgiving sale so I can kick myself for not holding out :wink:


It smells like you stuffed a perfectly ripe, organic banana into a 2oz bottle and turned it into a clear liquid… I cannot wait to try this!


Anyone, besides realflavors store, selling black label french vanilla?


+1 Any sellers in Europe? Thx.


Just a reminder, Real Flavors will close on December 21st and reopen on December 27th. During this time, no orders will be processed and our website will not be available due to major upgrades taking place. Here is a small sneak peek at the new homepage. If you reallllly look at it, you will see some of the coming changes that are happening in Jan 2018.


So, we can assume that your lines will be available with a PG base soon?


Correct :stuck_out_tongue:
We are expanding in to PG and Oil base due to a lot of demand for it.

Also we are going to start selling more Baking and Kitchen items…

Alsoooooo, we are going to start selling bottles in bulk.


Great to see you around @Walt_RealFlavors - I am ready for a reup on a bunch on things. Hope both you, your family and the Real Flavors Family Have a happy and safe holiday period and an awesome New Year.

Cheers mate


Pg? Meaning less alcohol and no pdo? I would love to try those out.
Happy to see you alive and posting.


I’m excited to try the PG flavors. Hoping they are the same delicious flavors without some of the fading issues!


@Walt_RealFlavors I can’t login. It’s saying I don’t have an account. I sent an email on the website under contact us/customer service.



Hey sorry! We are working on some bugs with the new site and a lot of accounts did not come over :confused:


Ok great thanks. I’ll be checking back :smile:


Just a heads up on a new label design. We are trying to make as much information available to our customers :smiley:


Awesome @Walt_RealFlavors gotta say I love the transparency your company has big :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks! We are adding the ingredients next but I need to free up some space haha


Space is always a challenge. How’s it coming with the pdo free / pg based concentrates?