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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


@Walt_RealFlavors, hello there! Im wondering if the Black Label French Van will be making an appearance on the site, it has disappeared. :frowning:


Hey @Walt_RealFlavors ! I’ve just has a bit of correspondence with Chef’s Flavours in the UK (one of your re-sellers) and, in their reply to me, they categorically stated that your Super Concentrates are not PG-free!
Now can you please either disillusion all we people who believed them to be PG-free . or get back to Chef’s and put them straight?

Hmm, actually, reading your new label there , it does state PG as an ingredient , doesn’t it? So this really does need clarifying


The new label is for @Walt_RealFlavors new line of PG based flavorings. The SC he has said are in a base of 3% alcohol (ethyl) and he has also been quoting as saying that only a few contain small amounts of PDO. Agree he should clear this up both here and with chefs…


That’s what I thought. But if what if this new line is not distinct from the old line in terms of name, packaging etc? That’s how it’s beginning to look. I don’t wanna have to go thriough the hassle of clicking on individual flavours to see if this one is PG-free. Not with RF. The beauty of RF is that you don’t damned well have to do that!

Besides, that “clicking on individual flavours” method doesn’t even work with re-sellers. Because very few re-sellers bother to put up any info on the carrier …supposing they even know it. So, a few PG flavours here and there could queer the whole line, from the buyers’ POV :frowning:


We have three lines

Professional Super Concentrates which are based in alcohol. Then there are the other two (PG, and VG Based).

Ok so with that said, sometimes there could be a trace amount of PDO, VG, or PG in each of these but it is so low it normally does not even show up on testing.

For example blood orange does not like some bases and I know the Super Concentrate has 0.00025% PG in it. That is less than 1ml per gallon. The only other one that has a small traceable amount is White Chocolate at 0.0001%.

Anyone that says that the Super Concentrates are PG based are wrong and I will be sure to stress this to all resellers.


Thanks, Walt! * big hug *

I think the trouble here is that a lot of people do assume that if it doesn’t have VG in it, then it must have PG instead. That a concentrate can have neither VG nor PG in it just doesn’t occur to them! They’re too used to dealing with Capella, TPA etc



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Again very cool offer! Is the limit 1 per order on each sample flavor or 1 sample total per order, I know before u had to do each free sample individual to order each one. Thanks again!


1 per flavor :smiley:


Great to see you back Walt! And a very nice surprise to see the free sample sale back in action too!

Seems since the site update I can’t login to my account anymore :frowning: reset pass via email doesn’t send me any email either, so I’m noting this here and sending you a PM hopefully we can get this fixed without a new account needed


Thank you! Ordered mine and finally getting to try the Bourbon Cream and Fried Dough at that .99 deal. Can’t wait.



For security we had to reset a lot of accounts :confused:


Same for me. I just checked out as guest :confused:


Thanks, how do I get back in account then? I sent you a message with account login/email

No reset email is received when trying to reset password


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors , I also had to use the guest checkout but no issues after that!


Me Too /10char


You will have a lot of guests this weekend then :rofl: Thks again!


I would use guest for now or you have to create a new one. I was concerned about letting the server migration people see everyone’s passwords. If something happen to those, I could never forgive myself


That is why we love you! Dilly Dilly !


OK, thanks, I’ll make a new account then. Guest feels like I’m hiding from you and may not come back :slight_smile: