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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Prolly not worth the postage for we Brits, mind. I think I’d better stick with ordering your stuff from Rainow Vapes .
Nice offer anyway! :+1:


Are these samples the pg versions? Or pdo?


Super Concentrates.


I am working on special rates to the UK.


i dont see any shipping option for USPS…is there one


Should be showing up. (Unless you order over 2 lbs of samples)

What country? are you in the US?


yes in usa…my total for flavors was 24.00 …shiping was 23.00

should i splt my order it may be over 2 pounds @Walt_RealFlavors


This was the first larger sale and I think the new system showed it’s bugs a lot.

No big deal, time to re up the bottle count and go again in two weeks!


I like the way you think! :tada:


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve.


I’ll heed your warning next time and get in there right away! All the freebies I wanted were “sold” out by this afternoon. Can’t say I wasn’t warned! Thanks, though, for doing things like this. You guys rock!


Love the 10 cent 10ml sample idea! Unfortunately only 2 flavors left, neither my cup o tea. Planning to do this again any time soon? Is this 2 weeks now or did i miss that, too? Lol


@Walt_RealFlavors has not had the second sale yet but I am not sure if he was serious or joking around. He usually has some great deals on samples during the year , I would bet we will have one soon.


I am pretty sure he did and there are only a few flavours left - he mentioned it would be every fortnight


It started on Friday with over 2500 bottles. Sold out in about two hours. Sorry

We will load up and do it again soon.


Please do. Only see 2 flavors left . Went ahead and order 5 each those two…


Hi @Walt_RealFlavors .
I guess you must be really busy ATM, but I’ve got a small question for you, when you’ve got the time.

Fiolowing discussion on the lack of fizz in your Champagne, I’ve tried adding Soda (as advised) with satisfactory results , so now I want to get some more Champagne.

Trouble is, the VG Champagne has been phased out here in the UK, and the SC Champagne still hasn’t arrived. Neither has Creme Brulee arrived (been wanting to try that) .

Will I just have to suck up the postal charges and order these from your USA site? or is a consignment on its way to RainbowVapes even as I write?


…17 days later. OK, I’ve got another question (sorry, couldn’t find the off-switch on my brain) @Walt_RealFlavors : Is the fried chicken flavour made of real chicken? I bought this already, on the a\ssumption it isn’t; and then balked at mixing it, cos I’m, veggie and maybe, just maybe it is? :grimacing:


In case anybody else is wondering why Walt isn’t answering on this thread any more, here’s the answer:



Thank you @jay210