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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Thanks for extending the sale, Walt! I just put my order in. I picked up the 3 free bottles and 4 others. With all the savings, I went ahead and splurged on 2nd day air! Pa-ching!
I am anxious to get going here. I’ve been gathering start-up supplies, reading up on the forums here, checking out tutorials, etc, for a few weeks.
Thank you to everyone here, you’ve been super helpful and I look forward to becoming part of the group.


This is the shipping map I got in tracking. I live about 15 minutes from real flavors. This shows leaving real Flavors, going to Ohio and then back to about the same place.


This is what mine did. All of my mail goes through Allen Park (which is right by Troy) first and then I’ll get my mail delivered the next day. The curiosities of mail logistics can boggle the mind sometimes :grin:


I may or may not have reposted the leftover Memorial Day Special freebies and discount code to a few sites or so. You may or may not get some traffic on the site. Just some random rumors :innocent:


PSA: Do NOT use UPS Mail Innovations!


According to their site:
Q. When will I receive my mail piece?
A. UPS Mail Innovations inducts your mail piece into the U.S. Postal Service within 48 hours of processing. The U.S. Postal Service will then deliver the mail piece within three to five days, on average.

This is simply NOT TRUE. I just got done arguing with one of their supervisors regarding my package (which has been in their possession since May 31). They currently do not know where my package is, and according to the supervisor, they take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to deliver to USPS then the USPS will tak an additional 3 to 5 days to make final delivery.

Thought I would share so no one goes through the same crap with them. /rant


Yea, I won’t be using them anymore either. 7-10 days for delivery is a bit much.


First order actually arrived a couple of days early! Second one looks like it won’t make the same time (even though it was sent out the next day).
First one only took one major detour to marrow GA. (That’s pretty far afield from where I am).
Love the concentrates, though!
Might have found a replacement for (fw) Cinnamon roll. Only the steep will tell.


Despite growing up in an age when it took 6-8 weeks from one side of the country to the other, this handing the package off to USPS for the last leg of the journey is a bit, odd. Id prefer just to pay more and use USPS, i know who to call and complain to there as i went to high school with the woman who runs the main office.

While she loves to hear from me she hates it when i call, hehe.

Perhaps things will change if they happen to succeed with new venture but i have personally always hated UPS and FedEx.

@Walt_RealFlavors, Just throwing this out there as i know you are constantly looking for ways to improve. Personally i would love to have the USPS option back.

Thanks again for the giveaway, i also ordered Bread Pudding V1 SC to see i have the same issue as i did with the VG.


I second this! My last orders got here faster than this order. It was only a few days extra so I’m not complaining, just saying it’s good to have more options. The longest time in my tracking journey seems to be bouncing between three post offices here in town rather than the trek from else where in the country.


I third this. My first package was much faster! I ordered the last one on May 26th and its still not here and the tracking says its still in the next state over. For instance I ordered from Bullcity the same day and my package came in on the 29th! I was actually surprised at their fast shipping. But now here I’m still waiting for the RF order. :frowning:

It went from Michigan to Ohio then Minnesota and then to Wisconsin. It would be faster in the USPS mail first class. Probably take only a few days from Michigan to WI. Hope that helps


Okay but @BullCityFlavors uses some kind of quantum time shifting witchcraft though. We can’t expect everyone to engage the dark arts in their shipping policies.

Walt is wonderful, I can’t complain about an extra day or two. It’s the mail system. About 2/3 of the time, my packages go from the airport Post Office to the downtown Milwaukee sorting center (7 miles from the airport), back to Oak Creek (about a mile from the air port) to the central post office (about five miles from the airport) to my post office (about 5 miles in the other direction from the airport). THEN it goes out for delivery.


I’m sure he’ll get it figured out somehow. It just seemed that my first order was much faster than this one. I dont know why the mail sent it to two states across from me first before sending it here??? I’m actually one state over from real flavors :wink: Too bad they couldn’t adopt the same magic method of shipping as “bull city”. @Walt_RealFlavors
@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit I was only talking about the shipping n mail system too. No complaints about flavors.


I know. It seems to be regional. Some parts of the country have better systems than others. I’ve never heard of this innovations outfit but I guess they’re UPS+USPS. They may be cheaper but they aren’t faster. I can’t complain about it since mine were only a few extra days. For people in Arizona with 100 + degree temps, if their local Post Office is very fast they might still want the USPS option so their flavors aren’t baking in the back of a brown truck for a week.


I’ve never heard of that either and I order alot of things through the mail. It seems like the things that take the longest are China. Which I dont normally order from unless its an exceptional deal!
Its been in the mid to high eighties around here and I’m sure my juice has been sitting in there too. I hope the heat doesn’t change the flavors :frowning:
The first time was super fast and my shipping cost was very similar to this time. I’d rather pay the 4 bucks and get it a little faster :grin: :point_up_2: :point_up:
I’m sure if enough ppl are having the same issue @Walt_RealFlavors will iron out the bugs :wink:


I doubt a few days at 80ish will change them too much. I try to time my orders to avoid extreme temps, mostly spring and fall but I did order a few things in the dead of winter last year and they got here within a few days without freezing. I think if it’s liquid they try to avoid letting it freeze.

What I worry about the most with that is avoiding UPS in the winter because the UPS drivers around here will put things on the back porch, in spite of the BIG SIGN by the mailbox stating that all packages should be placed inside the door of the front porch.


As I’m reading ur post it dawned on me that we vape it at higher temps so the heat probably wont affect it really. That makes perfect sense! I’ll have to keep the freezing thing in mind in the winter tho because it gets pretty frigid around this area.
I’m pretty lucky with my UPS guys here. They are pretty considerate with leaving my packages inside the back garage door if its open. Maybe send a note to your local UPS company.


Well, Walt did email me yesterday regarding this, and according to the email he says:

“I personally drove down this morning to start some screaming at the new center my self. We are going to get this fixed. The nice thing I will say is that everything includes insurance now. That is a nice change. I promise more updates to come.”

So he is aware of the shipping issues, and continues to work hard for us to get things sorted out.

Again, one of the reasons I decided to give RF a shot. Customer service is great.

BTW, seems like my package is finally out for delivery today, so hopefully I can finally get mixing tonight!!! YAY!


Yeah, it’s mainly long term storage where higher temps will matter. Walt has warned that freezing can screw up the chemistry though.[quote=“obijuan, post:77, topic:140558”]
Well, Walt did email me yesterday regarding this, and according to the email he says:

"I personally drove down this morning to start some screaming at the new center my self. We are going to get this fixed.

Oh good lord! I didn’t realize this was such a huge problem. I thought probably for a lot of people it’s a good option, just hoped for a few of us who liked USPS better, we could still pick that option. @Walt_RealFlavors deserves a truck load of Taco Bell for how he takes care of his customers.



Yes, the option to choose i think would be the best and easiest option for all.


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit I’m happy to say my awesome flavors came today!! I’m excited to start mixing!!