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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Yes he does, and 20 cases of his favorite energy drinks. If i wasnt such a crappy driver id drive that truck over there personally so that i could shake his hand and say thank you in person.

With all my whining aside, 7 days isnt that bad but i have gotten stuff from China in less and Troy is only 360 miles from me. Krazy…

Now i cant stop thinking about Taco Bell…


=( Shipping is the only magic I learned before I got kicked out of Hogwarts.


Yes! Finally received my package. Mixing now, i will post my results.

But Walt forgot my dropper tops :disappointed_relieved:


Bummer! Any idea who makes a good Mandrake flavor?


I made an order on May 31st. Paid $25 for DHL international shipping. The free bottles added to the order at checkout weren’t included in the package. I’m quite disappointed since shipping was really expensive and I didn’t even get the free bottles. Was looking forward to trying Cinnamon Roll. I wrote customer service after to ask if they weren’t included by mistake and 2 days later, still no response. Oh well.


Shoot @Walt_RealFlavors a DM @sara or pop over to the RF site and use the chat there. I am sure it has not been purposefully ignored.


Yes, I haven’t seen Walt on the feeds in quite a few days, to see our questions. Probably best to call or email him from the site. He will fix it.


Got my second order in today. I would like to tell @Walt_RealFlavors a huge thank you for all you and your team/company do for us.
Shipping is always going to be an issue, it’s one of those parts of business that you have very little control over.
That’s why I look at the tracking for when the order is sent out (which by my estimation, was pretty darn fast, given that between my first on Friday and my second on Sunday, there were over 2,000 orders made) I am well pleased with the orders and the order fulfillment (and it doesn’t hurt that these flavorings smell phenomenal!), shipping, not so much, but that’s not your company’s fault. UPS and USPS got their ear full from me, but as usual, it will be filed in filing cabinet 13 (the dumpster).
I usually have a minimum of 3 “not so nice” conversations with them every month (I send my own products through the USPS.)
Just wanted to give you a big :thumbsup:


Lol the ironic part is that many of us have a shwack load of untested flavors in a cupboard somewhere and yet we want more more more and we want it to get here now! Gotta love this hobby…


I am very excited to try these flavors! Thanks for the awesome sale.

r the great sale.


WHOA… Walt is no longer allowed vacation time lol

I am working with UPS to try and speed up the processing of our mailed packages. A lot of people have been complaining, and I fully understand. It is slow… Here is my reply and I hope everyone can see why we are using this service.

USPS was losing, damaging, and even delivering packages to the wrong address with first class mail. We went to bat and kept fighting to get refunds or even a reason for so many errors. 1 package out of every ten shipped had an issue… So that means on the 200 - 300 packages a day we were shipping, 20-30 were never delivered or had some issue. There is no insurance on First Class Mail, and that means RF was on the hook to cover the replacement orders. With the free bottle program, we saw a massive increase of errors and lost packages. Something had to change, and I know from being a customer at other stores, only offering UPS ground was not an option (too much).

SO, we looked into Mail Innovation and while still testing this service our local USPS hub stopped offering free pick ups… They told us that we had to pay a semi truck driver each day to pick up our mail ($120 A DAY!). I made a choice to instead change over to UPS Innovations earlier than UPS wanted. This has caused some odd delays in tracking being updated and has resulted in numerous email and issues. I ask that you trust me in this method as it is the only way we will be able to offer a cheaper shipping service.

Today I updated the site making it very clear that Innovations will take 7-10 days for delivery. I also got the pricing issue worked out with UPS so our rates are where they should be. (Innovations is cheaper that First Class Mail)

This is a chart that shows what you should be paying at each weight level under 1lb. We do not charge any handling fee for boxes or things like that. It is just shipping cost alone.

I also want to add that EVERY order shipped with this service includes insurance for up to $100! That means USPS (yes they make the final delivery still) is on the hook if they make a mistake. It means all those lost or damaged packages will be covered. Since we started, we have had ZERO damaged package emails. That is a first!

When you get your email with the tracking information, your item has been picked up. What happens is everything is loaded into bins and are then sorted at UPS in Ohio. They sometimes do get backed up, and it may take a day for them to get to it (working on that!). Also, there is a bug with the tracking not updating until after it has been processed by the UPS hub. (Also working on that too).

OK time for other replies :smiley:

You are VERY welcomed!

You should see my testing room… About 20 projects just waiting.

Thank you for understanding, I am sure you can relate to the above then :smiley:

Between driving to the UPS hub and screaming at shipping companies I have been away… My desk has not seen me since Wednesday last week o.O

Hey Sara, I belive you have been working with Taylor on this? She told me you are all set but if not, please let me know.

Shipping I swear will be the death of me.

Sorry, we ran out of them during the last giveaway. I am working on getting more in stock to help out.

The doctor says I can’t drink those anymore so I cut back… Only 3 a day… HAHA Shhhhh!

PS… I think they put crack in those new chicken chip things… SOOOOOO good

In the summertime, we keep our office at 65 degrees… LOVE IT… But our agreement with Mail Innovations says that they have to store our packages in transit no more than 75 degrees. (can’t do anything about the trucks, and USPS but you are correct… It would take a couple of weeks even to start the process of breaking down.

I honestly would love to but it is not a choice at this point. Unless we move shipping to a different hub, we are stuck with our current solution.

I am sorry you feel this way but you can’t have super fast shipping for under $4, and get super concentrates for the price we sell them. It is simply not possiable. We are doing our best to speed things up with UPS and hope to knock 2 days off soon.

This is one of the things we have been fighting them about… Trying to find out why this is not happening.

I never understand shipping companies.

Seals are being added to some bottles, we are working on automating that process but right now it is manually done. You may not always get a seal on the bottles.


Glad to see u back on Walt. I for 1 greatly appreciate all you do. I can wait for my flavors to be delivered, especially when I choose the cheapest shipping option. I always know that I have great product on the way. Keep doing what u do :+1:

Ps- those chicken chips at Taco Bell are amazing :heart_eyes::joy::joy:


@Walt_RealFlavors Talking about shipping times, your people shipped my order out on tuesday after memorial day and i had the package in my hand on thursday 2 days later. 2 days from your warehouse to Germany is what i would call impressive.


LOL it is funny that International shipping is easier than domestic haha. What method did you use?


I used DHL Flat rate for $25.
Must say i was surprised that DHL did it this fast, i had other orders shipped with them and they have been slower than normal mail. Might be that DHL Asia has a thing or two to fix in order to get things done faster.


I’m so sorry for all the head aches you have to go through. It’s understandable if we have to wait a few extra days now in favor of reliability. :+1:


I hope you didn’t misunderstand me. I wasn’t saying i wouldn’t be ordering from Real Flavors anymore, just planning on using a different ship method if a reasonably priced one exists. I have no problems with the product and the fact that you threw in dripper tops and a lanyard just goes to show how much you care about your customers. Plus, I’m originally from Michigan(Belleville) and I love supporting Michigan companies!


Is the chicken & waffle (sc) good? I’m curious if anyone has tried it? I’m curious about the sweet and savory flavor as a vape :wink:


@Walt_RealFlavors Yep, thank you! :grin:

Wondering, though, since I used DHL flatrate to ship my order and it was quite expensive, if in future international shipping costs might decrease? Or you might offer alternative shipping options? I ask this because we usually run into customs issue with high shipping rate. Shipping in this case ($25) was actually added to the order when customs calculated tax. We normally get $40 exempt, but that’s already $25 from shipping, so I’m actually only able to order $15 worth of products at a time, or risk paying 30% tax.


Flavors came in the mail today, I will be preparing some 30ml bottles of juice sometime tonight. Starting with the French Toast!