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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


@Walt_RealFlavors Just making sure all is well is Walt land, been a couple weeks since we heard from you. :slight_smile:


I got an email response from him last week. He was in full-on awesome customer service mode, giving UPS the what-for over a 2 day air delivery that took 7 days. Thanks, @Walt_RealFlavors!


Hey everyone! I am still alive! I have been working on some new projects that stole some of my attention. (Hip Syrups, and Real Flavors Racing)

We even got some new swag :smiley:

(PS Black Label FV ships Monday)




Yes please @Walt_RealFlavors
The race boats look like excellent swag may I have one of each oh and a shirt 2xl :grinning:


@Walt_RealFlavors I wouldnt mind getting a 2x shirt with my bottle of Black Label FV :slight_smile:


Black Label French Vanilla IS SHIPPING!

I feel reallllly bad about the delay so I turned everyone’s 1oz bottle into a 2oz bottle instead :smiley:

Merry Christmas! lol


Will it be (Black label FV) back in stock up on the website?


It is on the site now but wait till Thursday… hint hint :smiley:


is this supposed to mean its now available


What is today? Is it the Black Label Vanilla or is there more to come? I won’t spam F5, I promise…


I think he meant there will be a sale this weekend :wink:


Derail question @fidalgo_vapes have you used the ooo milky undertone yet? Meant to get back to you with other must haves from OOO but forgot till now…


i have but the two recipes are steeping , i also used the banana custard today , those are the only two i have


its sunday and im still not sure what was meant , lol


Lmao odd maybe he forgot or got pressured by the wife to go on some camping trip :wink:


I’m betting that he’s holding out until the 3rd to drop the sale info (like GremlinDIY and a few others do)!


We are actually trying to push some site updates but as always… I hit a wall

Our company 4th of July party was this weekend so we are all back to work on it Monday and Wednesday. Once done we will see what we can do :smiley:


Try the Strawberry-Watermleon Sour Belts… Do it.


Couple updates on shipping!

New UPS rates (They are going down AGAIN! Woot!)

(Old Discount -> New Discount)

Ground (11% -> 16%)
3 Day Select (30% -> 45%)
2 Day Air (40% -> 49%)
Nexy Day Air (40% -> 59%)

International Shipping (45% -> 75%)!!!

USPS is back… No more Mail Innovations

DHL is getting moved to UPS International (cheaper!)