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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


I can’t wait to try your flavors @Walt_RealFlavors, but the wife unit says no more flavors for at least a few weeks!:sunglasses: I will have to work on that!:wink:


Do what I do when I go on Amazon… look at her and be like…

LOL then get ready to sleep in the dog house with your flavors haha


You’ve got me giggling like a school girl!!!:rofl:


SOOOOOOOO… It took me a while :stuck_out_tongue: but we are caught up!

Here is a special sale going on right now, plus the release of the new Black Label Banana. There is not much of it in stock (I think 16 bottles)



Oh @Walt_RealFlavors been so waiting for this one.


I think I spotted a couple grammatical errors in the description of BL Banana (see bold font below):

Blacked Label Flavors spare no expense. Real Flavors slowly extracted this banana flavor at the source from in South America.

Does that get me a free bottle? :wink:


Death to my minions!


Black Label French Vanilla (SC) (Real Flavors) or French Vanilla Real Flavors Black Label… This could use a proper name , merge, more notes and recipes. I got mine in yesterday and the finger taste is fantastic. I do believe as @Ken_O_Where stated, this will be a great SA flavor. I mixed it at 2% SA and I just want give it more steep for a proper tasting.

Anyone willing to share your tasting notes? This flavor might deserve it’s own thread.


Merged them all into this: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/127155

Now we can decide on how to properly name this line.

I mix it from .25-1.5%, its pretty darn good.


I didn’t know where to start. This is just the second day finger test and I’m really liking this flavor. I also got the peach sc you recommended. It’s up for testing next.


One of the new peaches and cream i made for the wife smell fantastic, you can also smell the fleshiness of the peach, she will hate it, of course, hehe.

Let me know how it vapes at 2%.

The flavor is making me mad tho… I dont even like real banana but i want the BL as this one has been so good. It might be time to grow up from the Banana Cream LA ive been using since i started mixing…

Nope, aint doing it… I am curious what comes next, @Walt_RealFlavors i plomise i wont tell anyone. :wink:


Another flavor I ripped off from you. It’s been my go to also. It seems @Walt_RealFlavors really took his time on the BL FV. If he was just as patient with the BL Nana it’ll be great.


I was in the same boat yesterday when I mixed a small tester of the BL French Van up, finally just went with what @MysticRose stated with a 1% mix. Finger test is like “hmmmm…” I know it has only been ½ a day but was already wondering if I should up it .5%


Are you talking about a new recipe for peaches and cream or the ingredient itself… Peaches and Cream (SC) ?


I’m a flavor whore and went with 2%. It’s only been a days steep, but I just had to try a vape because I keep finger tasting it. It’s really good so far. I can tell it will need more steep, but it taste like a full intricate mix… just not ready yet. I’d love see how it fairs in a month or two. I’m making a 60 ml SA long steeper.


Nah, just a mix for the wife. She has been ADVing a recipe she made for evod tanks, its 23+%. I have been trying to get her vaping something that doesnt smell like spoiled milk and taste like overly ripe peaches. Lately i have been getting closer to swaying her with the inclusion of Peach SCRF. She likes her flavors strong and vapes in the 30w range so i have been fighting that balance of power vs flavor since she vapes so differently from me.

Yikes, sorry for the ramblings.


nods… I vape at or under 30 watts also…


I don’t know about a flavor whore, but I just mixed up another tester at 2% at least the finger test is coming up with something now…


I’m about a half tank into this 1 day steeped BL FV and this has gone from good to great. I’m fairly certain I’ve cleared out my old flavor in this tank by now. It’s crazy the notes I’m experiencing from a 1 day steeped SF mix.

I was expecting some type of vanilla variation from the name, but there is so much more going on here. I’m feeling touches of lemon, chocolate, grape and sb in very subtle notes in a soft vanilla cream base… at least that’s what my subjective senses detect… YMMV. I don’'t know what @Walt_RealFlavors put in here, but there are some of my favorites in it. If this gets better it might be best sf I’ve tasted. I hate jumping the gun on flavors, because sometimes I regret it, but this flavor is so good at day 1!


The first time i tried it was when @BoyHowdy, hope you are well my friend, sent me a few ml. It wasnt for sale to us at the time but it didnt stop me from begging walt just minutes after trying it.

Once everything comes together, after curing, it is one of the best french vanilla anythings that ive ever had. Previously my goto was french van deluxe TPA which is quite good as well but nothing like this.


I just finished mixing as saw the recipe i was talking about earlier and thought id post it for you.

Peaches & Cream v4

0.75% Cream Whipped (FA)
0.75% Italian Cream (Hangsen)
1% Peach (INAWERA)
1.25% Peach (SC) (Real Flavors)
1.5% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)

Flavor total: 5.25%

V4 of the INW/RF combo. If she cant taste the peach in this i give up! Or ill start all over again…