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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Am I crazy here? Maybe I should shut up until after this has steeped. I’d love to hear your thoughts since you’ve had it after a steep.


Lets hope so, a touch of krazy is always fun! hehe

Honestly i cant answer that, i finger tasted it after mixing and then let it sit. I made a French Van Coke for the wife but cured that as well.


Oh, @Walt_RealFlavors, avocado… Get that waxy/fatty mouth feel right and it would be amazeballs in so many things.


I might try that… thx for the recipe, I’ll use either Juicy Peach (CAP) or Nectarine (TPA) since I don’t have the INW (I do have the SC Peach.


I know I must be a hundred years behind on the vendor threads but @Walt_RealFlavors are your products still available at Walmart?


Not online until Aug but yes at some store. We are trying to push them to swap out the labels and looks on the whole line


Sorry if I have missed anything. We have 22 beta flavors in the works right now…

Butter Pecan Pie
Ice Cream Sandwich
Tropical Lust o.O
Apple Butter
Frosted Animal Crackers

Just to list a few…


Oh. I see. You’re just fighting downright dirty now are ya?


LOL when some of the new betas come out… We are also going to be giving away more free bottles so who knows!


If this tastes anything like Liquid State Apple Butter I will buy a gallon. :grinning:

I have been trying to clone it for over a year and just cant get the juicy sweetness of the apple right.


I honestly never have tried it but it has been requested by a lot


I suggest that you do. It is a truly unique flavor. It tastes just like the Apple Butter that my Grandma used to make.


Crosses fingers.



So weird when i saw the betas list i honestly thought were the hell is Thimbleberry! Lmao. Did you order the Loganberry by german flavors yet?


Just thought id sneak it in there, hehe.

I havent, honestly i havent looked at German Flavors for quite a long time.


German flavors are $$ but many are highly concentrated especially the Loganberry it adds a noticable effect in berry mixes at even 1 drop (30ml)


Ill grab some Loganberry jam from the store and try it out, as long as it doesnt taste like Lingonberry i think ill like it.

Ive had some German Flavors in the past but none of them are coming to mind at the moment.


Free bottle giveaway starts Tuesday (yeah tmrw!) evening!

Here are the free bottles:

(left overs from the last one)
250x Cinnamon Roll
240x Taffy base
240x Watermelon

(New ones)
500x Apple
500x Sugar Cookie
500x Grape

ALSO here are the new flavors that will release as well!

Apple Butter
Ice Cream Sandwich
Marshmallow Candy
Frosted Animal Crackers
Blue Raz Jolly Rancher
Butter Pecan Pie

Toast Series -
Strawberry Jam w/ Toast
Blackberry Jam w/ Toast
Apple Jam w/ Toast
Blueberry Jam w/ Toast

Taffy Series -
Blue Raz Taffy
Strawberry Taffy
Strawberry Kiwi Taffy
Banana Taffy
Grape Taffy
Cherry Taffy
Apple Taffy

16 New Flavors!!!


Still no Butter Pecan :frowning:


Nice, ill definitely grab Apple Butter.

I know things are constantly in motion for you guys so id like to throw this out there. Could you revisit the Cooked Pear and perhaps bring it to the SC lineup? It was seriously one of the best flavorings that i ever vaped. The VG Beta was vaped in single flavor until it was gone.

Thanks again, Sir Walt. :slight_smile: