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Real life special projects


Okay, this doesn’t have anything to do with vaping but I know you folks have talents aside from your vaping hobbies and I’m no different. I’m a carpenter by trade and am currently working as a maintenance man for one of the largest distributors of camping and outdoors gear in the world. I love my job but I also take on large side projects. A good friend of mine wanted to put an addition on his little country cottage and asked me to help him. We started in November 2017 and have only been able to work on it weekends and some evenings.

That is what it looked like when I started. It was a cold winter and we pushed on through.

My friend is an air traffic controller and him, his dad and stepdad were my help. They wanted to learn how to build things and now that we have almost made it through this project they are good help. The porch on this house is huge and I love it.
This has been a a long process because of the fact I only had weekends and a handful of evenings to work on it but I’m getting close.
I’m getting really close to being finished, the HVAC, plumbing and electric are going in now and my friend should be able to move back in July.

I’m starting this thread because I’m sure some of you awesomely talented people have some bad ass projects and I wanna see ‘em, so if you want post some pics a story on this thread… good day :sunglasses:


Nice work!

There are a few threads with awesome projects/hobbies up:

@woftam possible merges?


Thanks, I should have known there were some similar threads. I’m going to check those out.


No worries. There are some very talented members here on ELR…didn’t want yours to get lost. :+1:


So jealous of that porch! Excellent work!


Thanks, that porch is about 70 feet long and there is a 40 foot deck that wraps around the other side :+1:


Looks awesome, a lot of hard work by the look of it and it’s a bit more then “an addition” to his country cottage :rofl: It’s a bloody new house!
Guess he’ll be grateful for life! lots of BBQ’s and beers coming up… besides the ones you already had…:joy:
Well done!


Oh yeah we’ve already said how we can’t wait to sit on the porch and drink some beers instead of working every weekend. The hog roast is planned as well. The property backs up to a river too so we will have many fish fries :+1:


Watch it! The hog roast needs careful planning :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If by careful planning you mean digging a hole starting a fire and icing the beer then yes very carefully :joy: we must also select only the best local farm fed hog for the feast :pig:


Noice! With friends like you who needs Contractors :wink:


True and I do love cash :moneybag: I owned my own construction business for 10 years until the economy took a dump around 2006 . I have so many side jobs I have to turn people down and I can charge a very fair amount for custom jobs. I used to build custom mansions on private golf courses… I’m good and there aren’t many people left with this very particular set of skills :joy:


I’ve made a mess… Sorry no photos…


On a serious note though, WOW, looks amazing, good job!


You have to make a mess to rebuild and make new


Thanks, I seriously hate demolition and clean up it’s the worst part of remodeling but It’s got to be done. We filled up six huge dumpsters and will probably fill up one more and that doesn’t include the scraps and garbage we will burn


That’s amazing. Wish I could do stuff like that…my house would be awesome!


It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s one of those things where you can look back at the end of the day and say wow :astonished: we made some serious progress, that’s why I like it. If you’re not physically broken you could do this stuff, you just need someone to show you how.