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There's a new sweetener out there!


LOL that was .80 my typo hahahaha


ah…kk…that makes more sense. :joy:


I was so sure there had to be some monkfruit in there.lol


This is a great sweetener. It does exactly what it’s supposed to. It adds sweetness making flavours pop without any off notes or aftertaste and causes far less coil gunking than other sweeteners I’ve used.


It’s a payment method that comes with online banking, I use it with my family all the time.

You sign into your online banking, select interac e-transfer, enter the amount you need to send and then enter the recipients email address along with a secret password usually the other person will tell you to put. When he answers the email and puts in the password the money goes in his account…

I use this all the time, missed my friend going to pick up beer? Give him a call and e-transfer him the money for a 12 pack, going to a movie as a group? send the money to a friend and have him pick up the tickets in advance… Someone needs to borrow 5$? boom etransfer no going to the bank machine then breaking a 20$ bill…

Anyways it’s a great way to send/receive money and generally it’s free at most banks.


I have been using this in my recipes and the flavour of real sugar is great! No after taste. Just got in an order for another 30 mls


it is amazing and usually only need 1 - 1.5%


not a spec of munkfruit…although you just inspired me for another idea for a sweetener.

I’m also gonna try my hand at an improved tart and sour.


I usually use tpa sweetner but ordered some samples from Richard, vanilla and regular, I used half the amount I would in my Twinkie recipe, the girlfriend likes it stupidly sweet, and she didn’t even notice a difference. It also gunks up coils far less then any other sweetner I’ve tried.
Initial drop test, was pretty strong, and I love this sweetner. Imho, it’s a must have and I’ll be changing over to this sweetner and nothing else.


I can’t wait to try that tart and sour. If it’s anywhere near as good as the sweetener you’ll be real busy churning it out!


Would very much be interested in a good tart and sour; I have tried LA Tart and Sour as well as TFA and FA Sour and they just don’t quite work as I would like them to.

Keep us updated on this.


Is it possible that it’s advantame?


This could be good. If anyone is interested, I have posted my mix to the community.
Feel free to check out my inspired recipes.


When will this new sweetener be available in the states? And who will be selling it? Thanks


Was able to do a quick finger test on the Cinnamon sweetener and it was great so can’t wait to mix with that one. I have a real hard time with cinnamon but I believe this is mild enough I might be able to use it


I’d love to try that Sugar Daddy sweetener, but the shipping is cost prohibitive unfortunately. When will we see it available here in the States?


Didn’t know ‘Sugar Daddy’ was a secret recipe.
Fresh03 mentioned it’s 3 flavorings, all additives.


He didn’t say percentages but i would start with 33,3% and go from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is not that in the US


Bookmarked the page, Ill giver a rip when I get the chance, this is cheap and based in Toronto. Sweet. Thanks for the share.


Nope… it’s in Canada