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There's a new sweetener out there!


So are there plans for this to ever be available in any US stores?


FYI americans can import anything upto 800 US before being taxed, at least you wont be charged import, in canada anything over 20 bucks we get nailed. So yea id say its worth it.


Nope… Shipping costs as much as the product. :frowning:


I see what you mean, now that I checked to see how much it would cost me to get it. But ill still end up getting it. :laughing:


It’s not his sweetener, so I highly doubt he has any idea what’s actually in it, nevermind the percentages used. Rick has stated that it is made with ingredients that are already used in sweeteners for vaping, but never gave any more details than that.


Just a heads up…
Wizard Labs will be one of our distributors for SugarDaddy within the next month…
If not, we’ve got a few more options.
I’ll be updating this thread as more news comes out.