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There's a new sweetener out there!


So are there plans for this to ever be available in any US stores?


FYI americans can import anything upto 800 US before being taxed, at least you wont be charged import, in canada anything over 20 bucks we get nailed. So yea id say its worth it.


Nope… Shipping costs as much as the product. :frowning:


I see what you mean, now that I checked to see how much it would cost me to get it. But ill still end up getting it. :laughing:


It’s not his sweetener, so I highly doubt he has any idea what’s actually in it, nevermind the percentages used. Rick has stated that it is made with ingredients that are already used in sweeteners for vaping, but never gave any more details than that.


Just a heads up…
Wizard Labs will be one of our distributors for SugarDaddy within the next month…
If not, we’ve got a few more options.
I’ll be updating this thread as more news comes out.


I wish I had a lot of money I would buy a bunch and distribute it for you.


This is what he had to say when the question kept coming up about what all was in it.


does it cause cancer, what tests have been done on it, is it safe to vape, has it been tested on mice, humans, smurfs? is it something we already know and use relabelled? is it needed? is it expensive/cheap? lots of questions i personally like to know what im putting in as do others so i may wait for more info :slight_smile:


Here’s a review done by Roger Malmedal.
A retired veteran mixologist in Norway.

Sugar Daddy Sweetners. …aint im gonna be sweeter by this, then :smiley:
Review by Roger Malmedal.
Used different setup to test, with average notes in feeling of taste
Regular: superb nice sweetness on licktest. Sucralose, erythritol, …
Vanilla: licktest: Great sublime vanillanote in this sweetner. Love to see this used in vanillamixes when sweetner is needed.
Cinnamon: licktest: soft, very nice cinnamon tast in this one…this i can love!
Icy Cool: licktest: a fresh tasting sweetner, unusual but yep… this is good.

Mixtest from 1.June.
“Jack-In-The-Box Cocktail”
Test XX0:
2 brandy inw
.8 two apple inw
.8 fuji apple fa
1.6 pineapple inw
.8 bitter vta
test XX1: + .4 sugardaddy regular
test XX2: + .8 sugardaddy regular
test XX3: + 1.2 sugardaddy regular
test XX4: + .8 sugardaddy vanilla

After 4 days:
XX0 – natural notes, fruity.Apple much in front.
XX1 – sweet natural fruity note. Sweet apple in top.
XX2 – sweetnes natural tasting, take over much of flavor, masking the natural fruity notes.
XX3 – sweet, natural fruity notes masked, more in back.
XX4 – just sweet vanilla notes mostly. Fruity notes much masked.
After 17d steep:
XXO - natural notes, fruity., rounded taste, with spicy note of bitter/apple, but apple not remiscent in front.Mostly notes, and in aftertaste.
XX1 - natural, fruity, sweet notes., rounded taste, with some spicy note of bitter/apple still.
XX2 - sweet fruity notes, same notes of fruits, not weaker, but sweetnes tops taste all over. bitter note mostly weak in back. applenote weaker in backnote,
XX3 - sweet fruity notes. Not sweeter than xx2. Fruits keeps up as the xx2, but gives a blanter note by sweet overlay.
XX4 - rounded taste, sweet/vanilly, notes of fruit not lost, but got a very much distinct overlay of vanilla sweetness, making it even rounder, mellow.

How is this sweetness ( by Regular ) compared to plain table sugar?
The taste feeling is very, very close, just a bit rounder and more sweeter.
The versions of Vanilla, Cinnamon and Icy Cool is superb ones in right mixes with a very true sweetness feeling. All needs steeping, and in my opinion fits better in lower amounts because aint no “sweet- tooth” person in vaping, but they don’t give any flavor loss more than any other sweeteners if used correctly to fit, and patient enough to let it develop in a mix.
Verdict : Recommended!


I’m more interested in the actual ingredient list/data sheet, muting and coil gunking after 5, 15, 25 and 60ml with pictures.

Thanks for sharing tho.


The list of the ingredients is already listed.
The SDS sheet is available upon request.
If you read the review it speaks about the muting.
The gunking can be read by many users (with photos) in many FB groups up to 120ml


Why not just post it right here instead of making people request it. Or at least post a link to it so it is easy for everyone to look at.

I would venture to say you have the largest group of DIY mixers right here on this forum why not make it easy and post some pictures right here instead of trying to get folks here to go search it out on FB

Just my 2 cents worth but if you really wanted to promote your product to the DIY community I am fairly confident ELR is the largest group of DIY mixers on the internet that are willing to try new products and SHARE there HONEST opinions.

I have personally been waiting for some of the folks on ELR to post there results but so far I have only seen one post come up.





Notes from Noted

Sugar Daddy Sweetener Canadian Sweetener, fairly sweet, natural tasting, no chemical off notes, but it mutes flavors big time

you can also watch it on you tube where its discussed in length …

by no means is this to say sugar daddy isnt good , its just another opinion …


I’ll have to find and watch that video, i wonder what % they were using. From what sugar daddy posted above, above .4% was where the muting was beginning to occur. If .4% or lower is fine, im still intrigued by this stuff. I just rarely use sweeteners but want that sugar lips thing sometimes, lol


just type in Noted Sweeteners its on you tube ill post here if yiu cant find it


Using your search criteria I came up with this. I started the video at 39:28 because that is where I found them talking about Sugar Daddy.


Does anyone know where this is available in the US other than Bull City?


They sell it at Wizard Labs & Gremlin DIY. :hugs: