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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


I agree with every word you said brother. I’ve used Essentials Depot with excellent results. But I’ve also used Wizard Labs, Nicotine River, and a couple others. Never noticed a dimes with of difference in them. In fact I’d wager that some people could be surprised to learn the biggest difference between the ones they have tried is the label on the jug. Just a hunch there. Now if folks could just specify what makes a good vs a sub par USP VG I’d love to know. Otherwise I’m chalking it up to the placebo effect.

Oh yeah, that statement about Essential being the worst has to be a joke.


@Nicotine_River when are the Flavor West in 30ml going to be available and up on the site


I love everyone here… and that’s all I got to say about that.

I’ve used Wizard and ECX stuff too. Not much difference but Essential Depot got me more consistent results with the Palm and seems easier to mix, maybe a bit thinner… and I’m a sucker for their sales.


Wizard Labs has good deal and ships in glass bottles. Has 160 PG free flavor choices and sizes.



30ml in Flavor West are done and Capella starts tomorrow :slight_smile:


Is Loranns a popular flavor company?


I do purchase some but something with their flavors don’t agree with me. Having no knowledge of why or what’s doing it, just blame oil in mix.

Thanks for asking and have enjoyed several orders I’ve received from y’all. Keep up the good work!

May get beat up for saying the above comment because many users here love it.


Hahaha I got your back! Contemplating carrying them :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the kind words and the orders!


How do you feel about Loraans?


My friend, how do you feel about Loraans?


I’ve not had enough to really give you an adequate answer. I can say this much…they have the best Bavarian Cream and Cheesecake IMHO. I’m sure others here would be more help such as @Amy2 or @Pro_Vapes Those two have quite the flavor collections. Sorry I can’t be more help than that.


I appreciate it :slight_smile: Thank you!


Poll from @JoJo


im not a fan if your looking for another line check out Inawera or medicine flower thats just my opinion those two over loranns anyday


i will be placing order this week thank you for keeping us informed


LA’s has some really good options
I love
Cream cheese icing ( for short we say CCI )
Bavarian cream
Colorless banana cream
Colorless watermelon
Natural line Blueberry & Strawberry
Ny style cheesecake
Creamy caramel
Cake batter
Black walnut
Butter rum
Honey clover
I’m sure I’m missing some good ones those are off the top of my head.


I agree with those two additions, absolutely! But if Grant can get select flavors from LOR I think that only ups his value to the community. If they require him to buy their entire line…not so much.


Inawera would probably be a more popular one if you’re looking to add a brand.


What size in Inawera makes the most sense?


Personally I try to buy 30, 60, or 120ml sizes. Inawera seems to be sold in10 ml or 30 ml at most online retailers. They are very concentrated so go a long ways and are moderately expensive. If you do look into them check out the cactus, biscuit, and the different shisha flavors. They’re all very popular on here. I bet you’ll get a few more people willing to comment shortly.